Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verbs Starting With Letter ‘L’

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

We are here with next part of our series ”Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verbs for bank exams’. In this post, we will discuss important idioms, phrases and phrasal verbs which starts with the letter ‘L’. Understanding and learning the following will surely help you in the English Section of upcoming exams!

Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verb with Letter ‘L’

1. Labour of love (Idiom)

Meaning – A task that is done for your own pleasure and satisfaction and not for reward or profit

Meaning (Hindi) –
  ऐसा कठिन कार्य जिसके करने पर आनंद मिले

Example –  Preparing dinner for the family is what my mother calls a labour of love.

2. Lame duck (Idiom)

Meaning – A person or organisation in difficulty and unable to manage without help is called a lame duck.

Meaning (Hindi) –   दिवालिया

Example –  Some banks have become lame ducks in recent years.

3. Lay hands on (Phrase)

Meaning –  To touch or grasp someone, often with the threat of violence/ To acquire something, usually a physical object.

Meaning (Hindi) – पकड़ लेना

Example –  It took years, but I’ve finally laid my hands on my dream car. 

4. Last but not least (Phrase)

Meaning – to say that the last person or thing to be mentioned is as important as all the others./ last in sequence, but not last in importance

Meaning (Hindi) –  अंतिम पर कम नहीं

Example –  He has four sons, Rahul , Raman, Raghav and last but not the least Ravi.

5. Lame excuse (Idiom)

Meaning –  an explanation which is weak and unconvincing.

Meaning (Hindi) –   झूठा बहाना

Example – Don’t just invent some lame excuse for not doing the work on time.

6. Laugh off (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning – Make light of something; minimise. 

Meaning (Hindi) –  हँसी में उड़ा देना

Example – The producer laughed off the unflattering review of his latest film.

7. Leaf through (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning – Turn over the pages quickly.

Meaning (Hindi) –  सरसरी तौर से पढ़ना

Example – Riya leafed through the book in the waiting room.

8. Let down (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning – Disappoint.

Meaning (Hindi) –   निराशा

Example – You promised to come to my birthday, but you let me down by not coming.

9. Live through (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning –  Experience something and survive.

Meaning (Hindi) –  संक्षेप में

Example –  My grandparents lived through two wars and learned to survive.

10. Land on your feet (Phrase)

Meaning –  to make a quick recovery after a difficulty such as a business failure, an illness, a loss, etc.

Meaning (Hindi) –   जीवित रहना 

Example –   Hari landed on his feet after the severe accident.

11. Laugh to scorn (Phrase)

Meaning –  to make fun of /To mock or ridicule someone; to subject someone to scorn, derision, or contempt

Meaning (Hindi) –  मजाक बनाना 

Example –  They just laughed my idea to scorn during the meeting.

12. Lead by the nose (Phrase)

Meaning –  to have full control

Meaning (Hindi) –  नकेल हाथ में होना

Example –  My mother leads my sister around by the nose.

13. Leave in the lurch (Phrase)

Meaning –  Part way in bad times

Meaning (Hindi) – मँझधार में छोड़ना

Example –  Do not trust fair-weather friends. They will leave you in the lurch.

14. Leave no stone unturned (Phrase)

Meaning –  Do full efforts 

Meaning (Hindi) –  एड़ी-चोटी का जोर लगाना

Example –  Delhi government left no stone unturned to make commonwealth games a success.

15. Lend Me Your Ear (Phrase)

Meaning –  To politely ask for someone’s full attention 

Meaning (Hindi) –  आत्मियता से सुनना

Example –  Please lend me your ear, said the student to the teacher.

16. Let Bygones Be Bygones (Idiom)

Meaning –  To forget about a disagreement or arguement 

Meaning (Hindi) –  जो हो गया सो हो गया

Example –  Pakistan and India need to Let Bygones Be Bygones for the sake of peace.

11. Live from hand to mouth (Phrase)

Meaning –  Live on little money 

Meaning (Hindi) –  हवा खाकर रहना

Example –  My friend has been living from hand to mouth on his savings from his last job.

20. Last word (Idiom)

Meaning – Something described as the last word is the most recent or most fashionable in its category.

Meaning (Hindi) – सबसे हालिया या सबसे फैशनेबल 

Example -: Apple’s new phone is the last word in technology.

21. Last resort (Idiom)

Meaning –  the last thing you would do if you were desperate and all other courses of action had failed.

Meaning (Hindi) – अखिरी सहारा

Example -: Reserve Bank of India is the lender of the last resort in India.

22. Lash out (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning –  to attack someone, usually verbally.

Meaning (Hindi) –  घोर निन्दा करना

Example -: On the ninth hole, Ravi suddenly lashed out at Raman and accused him of cheating in their partnership.

23. Lose one’s head (Phrase)

Meaning –  to be angry/lose self-control; panic.

Meaning (Hindi) –  होश खोना 

Example -: He lost his head and said some things he regrets.

24. Losing ground (Phrase)

Meaning –   become less powerful or acceptable

Meaning (Hindi) – स्थिति गवाना

Example -:  The belief in astrology is losing ground in the new generation.

25. Lose out (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning –  Be unsuccessful; suffer a loss.

Meaning (Hindi) – वंचित होना

Example -:  I’m the one who will lose out if our venture plan goes wrong.

Word of the day: Look 

26. Look after (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning –  Take care of.

Meaning (Hindi) –  देखभाल करना

Example -: A babysitter is the one who looks after the children when their parents go out.

27. Look at (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning –  Pay attention to something you see/Read in order to give an opinion/Examine or study carefully.

Meaning (Hindi) – की ओर देखना 

Example -:  Look at this picture of my grandfather when he was young.
                   Have you got time to look at my business plan?
                   We are going to look at all possible options.

28. Look back on (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning –  Remember the past.

Meaning (Hindi) – पीछे देखना 

Example -:  I love to look back on  he good old days’ of my school life.

29. Look forward to (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning –  Await or anticipate with pleasure.

Meaning (Hindi) – आशा करना

Example -:  I look forward to the reply of my mail at your earliest convenience.

30. Look over/Look in to (Phrasal Verb)

Meaning – Examine or investigate/Review

Meaning (Hindi) – जांच या समीक्षा करना 

Example -:  The editor will look over the article before it is published.
                   Our after-sales service will look into the matter and call you back.

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