Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verbs Starting With Letter ‘I’

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Idioms, phrases and phrasal verbs are an important part of recent English section pattern in Bank Exams. In continuation of our series ‘Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verbs for bank exams’, we will walk you through important idioms, phrases and phrasal verbs which start with the letter ‘I’. 

Understand properly the meaning of the idioms, phrases and phrasal verbs given here with the help of their hindi meaning and usage and step up your SBI Exam preparation!

Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verb with Letter ‘I’

1. I had my druthers

Meaning – To have one’s choice or preference; to have things the way one would like them to be; to have one’s way.

Meaning (Hindi) –
  किसी की पसंद या प्राथमिकता के अनुसार होना 

Example –  If had my druthers, I would love to spend the rest of my life living in Paris.

2. In cold blood 

Meaning – without feeling or mercy; ruthlessly.

Meaning (Hindi) –   बेरहमी से

Example –  Unarmed civilians were shot in cold blood by terrorists.

3. Icing On The Cake

Meaning –  something that makes a good situation even better/An additional benefit or positive aspect to something that is already considered positive or beneficial.

Meaning (Hindi) – सोने पे सुहागा 

Example – All these letters of congratulation after selection are icing on the cake.

4. Ill at ease

Meaning –  uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Meaning (Hindi) –  बेचैन

Example –  He is usually ill at ease when addressing a large crowd of people.

5. In dribs and drabs

Meaning –  Periodically in very small amounts; bit with bit

Meaning (Hindi) –   किश्तों में

Example –  The return on your investment will come in dribs and drabs at first, but you’ll see a more steady flow of income later.

6. In a bind

Meaning – In a particularly difficult or awkward situation, especially one that is not easy to get out of. 

Meaning (Hindi) –  विशेष रूप से कठिन या अजीब स्थिति में

Example – The farmer is going to in quite a bind if this loan isn’t approved.

7. In a fix

Meaning –  in a bad situation.

Meaning (Hindi) –  एक बुरी स्थिति में

Example – Kritika is in a fix because he lost his wallet.

8. In a jiffy

Meaning – very fast; very soon.

Meaning (Hindi) –   चुटकियों में, पलक झपकते ही

Example – Just call us on the customer care number if you have any problems, and they will be back in a jiffy.

9. In a nutshell

Meaning –  very briefly, giving only the main points/In summary; concisely. 

Meaning (Hindi) –  संक्षेप में

Example –  The professor didn’t have enough time to so he asked everyone to explain their thesis in a nutshell.

10. In black and white

Meaning –  In writing, especially an agreement, contract, or other formal document.

Meaning (Hindi) –   लिखित में 

Example –  It’s there in black and white that student caught taking school supplies will be suspended immediately.

11. In full swing

Meaning –  at the height of activity/Well underway and continuing at a fast pace.

Meaning (Hindi) –  ज़ोरों पर

Example –  In the summer months, the sale of cold drinks really get into full swing around here. 

12. In lieu of

Meaning –  instead (of)

Meaning (Hindi) –  के स्थान पर

Example – The lady worked on Sunday and took Monday off in lieu.

13. In the black

Meaning –  not in debt; in a financially profitable condition.

Meaning (Hindi) –  एक आर्थिक रूप से लाभदायक स्थिति में

Example –  The entrepreneur was pleased to announce that his company is in the black for the fifth consecutive year.

14. In the red

Meaning –  In debt/losing money

Meaning (Hindi) –  ऋण में होना  / पैसे खोना

Example –   State government has been operating in the red for five straight years because of draught.

15. In the good books

Meaning – be in somebody’s favour or good opinion.

Meaning (Hindi) –  नजरों में अच्छा प्रभाव होना 

Example – He always managed to be in the good books of the bosses with his tricks.

16. In the bad books

Meaning – Having fallen out of favour with someone.

Meaning (Hindi) –  नजरों में बुरा  प्रभाव होना 

Example – He is in Prime Minister’s bad books because he arrived two hours late for the important meeting.

17. In the bag

Meaning – Achieved or won almost as a certainty. 

Meaning (Hindi) –  लगभग निश्चित जीत

Example – The election is in the bag of his party as their leader has done an impressive job.

18. In the swim

Meaning – To be actively involved in and knowledgeable about something

Meaning (Hindi) – किसी विषय में जानकार और सक्रिय रूप से शामिल होना

Example – It took me a few months to adjust to my new job, but now I’m really in the swim of things.

19. In the teeth of

Meaning –  directly against (the wind)/When threatened by or confronted with/ In spite of; notwithstanding

Meaning (Hindi) –   सीधे सामना करना 

Example –  It’s hard to be an optimist in the teeth of so much tragedy and turmoil in the news each day. 

20. In the face of something

Meaning – despite having to deal with a difficult situation or problem

Meaning (Hindi) – एक कठिन परिस्थिति या समस्या से निपटने के बावजूद

Example – She left home for the job in the face of strong opposition from her parents.

21. Ins and outs

Meaning – The particular details and nuances of a situation, task, etc.

Meaning (Hindi) – संपूर्ण जानकारी होना 

Example –  My brother knows the ins and outs of repairing computers.

22. Into the bargain

Meaning – in addition to what has already been mentioned or was expected.

Meaning (Hindi) – इसके साथ-साथ

Example –  My father is intelligent, funny, a loving person, and an excellent cook into the bargain.

23. In character 

Meaning –  in keeping (or not in keeping) with someone’s usual pattern of behaviour and motives.

Meaning (Hindi) – मूल चरित्र में 

Example –   For Raman to shout that way was not at all in character.

24. Itching palm

Meaning –  [of a hand] in need of a tip.

Meaning (Hindi) – रिश्वत/टिप मांगना

Example -:  Whenever the hotel gatekeeper sees expensive luggage, he gets an itching palm.

25.Idle away

Meaning – Waste time doing nothing much. 

Meaning (Hindi) – समय बर्बाद करना 

Example -: You should not idle away every day watching television.

26. Iron out

Meaning – Resolve by discussion; eliminate differences.

Meaning (Hindi) – समाधान करना

Example -: The president has called for a meeting to iron out the current issues.

27. Impose something upon/on someone

Meaning – Force something on someone

Meaning (Hindi) –  थोप देना

Example -: The Britishers tried to impose their values on the Indians.

28. Instill in

Meaning –  to condition someone to follow a certain belief or to behave in a certain way/to put a feeling, idea, or principle gradually into someone’s mind, so that it has a strong influence on the way that person thinks or behaves

Meaning (Hindi) –  मन में बिठा देना

Example -: It is a responsibility of a teacher to instill confidence in students. 

29. Indulge in

Meaning –   to take pleasure in doing something; to do something habitually

Meaning (Hindi) – शामिल होना

Example -:  The college students indulged in the fest of the college.

30. Issue Forth

Meaning –  to come out of a place or thing

Meaning (Hindi) – किसी स्थान या चीज़ से बाहर निकलना 

Example -:  Cheap electricity was soon issuing forth from solar devices installed.

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