How to Score Good Marks in English Section in Bank Exams 2017?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

IBPS has been the most lethal in the English section in its recent examinations and that is why this section has become more difficult for the students. IBPS has given one surprise element or the other in its every examination as far as the English section is concerned in various examinations held during the last one year. The types of questions have undergone sea change but one thing is for sure and that is, the syllabus and the basics are still the same and if you are strong there, you will have no problem facing any type of questions because, at the end of the day, they are nothing but based on grammar and vocabulary.

Expert Tips to Prepare for the New Pattern of IBPS English Section

Decoding the new pattern of IBPS English

The change has been in the level of questions as well as the pattern of questions asked in the examinations and that pattern has a lot of similarities with the verbal ability section of CAT examination. So, we have got a frame of reference here and the next thing we should do is follow the verbal ability section of CAT and practice accordingly. Let’s decode some of the new questions types in IBPS examinations in the recent past:

  • Cloze test: This is a very recent phenomenon in which you have a word suggested against every blank and if that is right, you have to choose a certain option. If you go about it logically there is no such variation here, it’s just that IBPS has attempted to unsettle your nerve by throwing something new in front of you. Thus, practising the questions in the new pattern is the key. There has been a peculiar thing about the IBPS Prelims held this year; IBPS has not asked cloze test in either of the 16 slots, so be prepared for such surprises in the mains level as well.
  • Para jumbling questions: These questions have undergone a sea change because many patterns have evolved in this. You have got misfit sentences in which you have to find the odd sentence out of four given ones and in certain examinations, there was the next step of arranging the rest of the sentences in sequence as well.
  • Error Correction: This has been the ever changing question type since a lot of new patterns have developed. You have got two sentences given and you have to find which one has an error to the old type of dividing a sentence into parts and finding the part with an error to suggestions given against each part and you have to choose whether to accept or not. Apart from them, phrase replacement types are also there and then there are combination type questions in which you have to find the right usage of a word in a given context and three sentences are given from which you have to find the right combination and answer accordingly.
  • Vocabulary questions: The basic has remained the same but a number of interesting patterns have been observed such as one word is given and four usages are given out of which you have to find the wrong usage or a word is given with four implications and a sentence is given in which you have to find the right connotation of the given word. Word analogy questions have also been observed in the recent IBPS examinations. Then there have been synonym and antonym combination questions in which a word is given a number of words are given and you have to find the synonym and antonym combination.
  • Best summary questions: This has been one of the new types, completely in which you are given a short paragraph which is followed by five options out of which you have to find the one that best expresses the summary of that given paragraph.
  • Fillers: Apart from the single or double fillers, there have been questions such as paragraph complements in which you have to complete a paragraph or paragraph fillers.

How to Approach the IBPS New Pattern of English?

If we analyze the last few examinations of IBPS, there have definitely been new types of questions but mainly the logic has been the same and the basic type also has been the same such as filler or error correction or phrase replacement or para jumble questions. So, one thing is certain, IBPS only wants the candidates to come out of any kind of comfort zone and apply their mind. Apart from that, the section has also been made a bit more time consuming with a number of questions within a question. So, the tricks will also remain the same:

  • Get your basics right: In case of English, your basic means your grammar and your vocabulary. Grammar can be improved by two things and they are: knowing the rules and applying them as much as you can by way of practice. Vocabulary can be increased by learning new words and understanding the application of such words.
  • Retention holds the key: Here retention means your retention of grammar rules and also vocabulary. The best way to retain something is to practice so much that your brain is just programmed to give the correct answer whenever that is required, in any situation, because it is necessary that in the pressure cooker situation of exam hall, the brain works only a portion of its actual capacity.
  • Practice makes a man perfect: It has also been said in case of all subjects and obviously it holds true for English as well. The more you practice, the more are you at ease with the thing. But keep in mind that this should be done only from standard and quality practice sets.
  • Your mind plays a big role: Since we have discussed that IBPS changes the pattern suddenly only to unsettle your mind in a tense situation, you have to be good at it. You cannot control the question paper but you have to control your mind. All the questions follow the Basic English grammar rules and if you know the rules, you will definitely be able to win the game, no matter what comes. This confidence comes with complete mastery over the subject, which, in its turn, comes from constant practice.

It may have been said time and again to you but one thing is important and that is keeping things simple. No English question is out of syllabus, if there is a new pattern of error correction, that is only error correction and if you know the grammar, you will be able to do it, in any form it comes. That’s it and nothing else. Learn your grammar and sharpen your vocabulary followed by constant practice – that’s your simple yet effective way of scoring well in the NEW Pattern or for that matter, in any pattern.

The latest changes in the IBPS PO Prelims patterns have been analysed and categorically mentioned in the below given post, ensure careful study of the same as it will definitely help you in getting through the upcoming mains level and also for further examinations in the pipeline.

Important changes in the English Language Section

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