New Pattern Questions & Expected Changes in English Language for Upcoming IBPS Exams!

By Astha Shukla|Updated : September 26th, 2018

English Language section troubles a lot of students in Bank Exams. In the recent pattern of exams, many new pattern topics have been introduced, and this perplexes a number of students.

In this post, we have covered different types of new pattern based questions that were asked in SBI, IBPS exams this year as well as last year, along with their detailed solution.

This will help students understand the correct approach to solve these questions. We have also shared some important new-pattern based questions of different topics of the English Language at the end of this post, which are expected to be asked for upcoming IBPS PO Prelims exam.


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New Pattern-based questions introduced in the English Language

1. Fillers

Direction: A statement with one blank is given below. Choose the set of words from the given options which can be used to fill the given blank.

The solution to ambiguity is to ______________________________ of reliable information.

i. reform the lethargic supply of
ii. ensure availability
iii. actuate relevant

A. Only i
B. Only ii
C. Both i and ii
D. Both ii and iii
E. All the above

Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is ‘C’.

The given statement talks about the measures which can help sort out the ambiguity related to reliable information. The structure of the sentence makes it clear that the words to be filled in complete the latter half of the statement.

Option i- It refers to the irregular and occasionally incorrect supply.
Option ii- It refers to the availability of the information. 
Option iii- It makes the sentence grammatically incorrect. The given blank is followed by ‘of’, ‘relevant of’ is incorrect.

2. Spotting Errors


Direction: Below in each question, some sentences are given, find the sentence which is not really contributing to the main theme and the idea of the passage or find the odd sentence out and rearrange the remaining sentences to make a coherent paragraph. If the given sentence is correct as it is, then choose option (E). If the sequence is the one which is not given then choose option (D) as your choice.

 to the US on Monday to interact with the US corporate world in New York (A)/ the Union Finance Minister is scheduled to arrive on nearly a week-long visit (B)/ and Boston and attend the annual meeting of (C)/ Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to be held for the development of women in central Asia(D)/ International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington DC (E)

  1. BACE
  2. BACD
  3. DACB
  4. None of these
  5. No correction required

Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is ‘A’.

Option D is the odd one out since central Asia is clearly not a part of the main theme. The first segment should be B as it introduces the concerned person. ACE, in the sequence, talks about the schedule of the visit.


Direction: Four statements are given below at A, B, C and D. There may be some errors in the given statements. Mark the incorrect statement as the answer. If all the statements are incorrect, mark E i.e. All are incorrect as the answer.

  1. Many Japanese cities had extensive tram systems until the 1960s, when increased motorization started to make some lines disappear. 
  2. Increased motorization started to make some lines disappear after the1960s until when many Japanese cities had extensive tram systems.
  3. When increased motorization started to make lines disappear, many Japanese cities has extensive tram systems until the 1960s. 
  4. Until the 1960s, when increased motorization started to make some lines disappear, many Japanese cities had extensive tram systems. 
  5. All are incorrect

Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is ‘C’.

In option C, ‘has’ is incorrectly used since the sentence is in past tense. Moreover, the subject is cities, which is plural.

3. Sentence Improvement


Direction: Which of the following phrases (i), (ii), and (iii) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? Choose the best option among the five given alternatives that reflect the correct use of the phrase in the context of the grammatically correct sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (E) i.e., "No correction required" as the answer

Insurance is a contract, represented for a policy, in which an individual or entity receives financial protection.

i. Represented in a policy 
ii. Represented by a policy 
iii. Represented with a policy 

A. Only i
B. Only ii
C. Only iii
D. i and ii
E. No correction required

Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is ‘B’.

The correct preposition here would be 'by'.  By follows represented when something takes the place of and refers to something bigger. With follows represented when an attribute with which something or someone is depicted. A contract is not represented in a policy but stated in a policy.


Direction: A sentence is divided into five parts labeled as A, B, C, D and E. Choose that sequence from the given options which represent the parts which do not need any improvement. If the given sentence is correct as it is, mark ‘no correction required’ as the answer.

Assuming that a good entry has been made, and an appropriate stop loss strategy (A) / has devised, the most important aspect is to put (B) / the stop loss in the system, rather than in the mind and oscillators like (C) / Stochastics or Rate of Change (ROC) can be used (D)/ in conjunction with volatility studies to gauge directionality of a move. (E)

  1. ABCD
  2. BCDE
  3. None of the patterns is correct.
  4. ACDE
  5. No correction required

Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is, ‘D’.

The error lies in part B of the sentence in which ‘has devised’ is incorrect and needs to be replaced with ‘has been devised’ to make the sentence correct. It should read as:’..has been devised, the most important aspect is..’ It is clear from part A of the sentence that the passive construction is required.

4. Match the column 

Direction: In this question, two columns I and II and three sentences are given, which are divided into two parts. Column I (A, B and C) consists of first half of each sentence and Column II (D, E, and F) consists of second half of each sentence. Match column I with column II, so that the sentences formed are both meaningful and grammatically correct. Choose the option as your answer.
Q 2)
Determining and planning your staff needs 
B) The study documents the impacts of corruption 
C) Acquiring quality certificates and patents is 
D) is crucial for run the department effectively. 
E) a must for businesses so that they can safeguard their products. 
F) for both smaller and larger sized firms.
Options :
A) B-F and C-E
B) A-D and C-D
C) C-D and A-F
D) C-E
E) B- D
Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is D.

Let’s follow the process of elimination to get the correct answer. Note that D uses the word “run” incorrectly. Since it is preceded by a preposition, the gerund form “running” should be used. Hence none of the parts in the first column can combine with D. This eliminates options B, C and E. Now, note that F is also grammatically correct as rather than being in the comparative degree, the adjectives in this part should be in the positive degree to appropriately join with B. Also, if B has to be joined with F, the preposition “for” in F should be changed to “on” (since the verb “impact” is there). This eliminates option A. Now we are only left with option D, and B and E appropriately join together to make a meaningful and grammatically correct sentence. Thus, option D is the correct sentence.

5. Sentence Connector

Direction: In the given question, a word/phrase is given followed by three statements; I, II and III. Choose the pair of sentences which can be combined using the given word/ phrase when used at the beginning of the new sentence.

I. The traders have become increasingly reluctant to invest in the stock market. 
II. The resources allocated for the railways have shot up, meanwhile the government has decided to accept more people in the education sector. 
III. The latest budget and the changes introduced by the government might completely change the economic structure of the nation.

Options :
A) Only I and III
B) Only II and III
C) Only I and II
D) All I, II and III
E) None of these
‘Lest’ is a conjunction used to mention a condition. It means ‘in case’. Using it in the sentence would imply that in case the mentioned event took place, the concerned people were to follow a given path. Statement III mentions the speculation that market might fluctuate, and the statement I mentions the reluctance of traders to invest due to the speculations. Therefore, I and III can be combined using the connector ‘lest’. Statement II gives minute details about a couple of policies but is not a condition influencing either of the other two statements. Therefore, option A is the correct answer. 

New statement:
Lest the latest budget and the changes introduced by the government completely change the economic structure of the nation, the traders will become increasingly reluctant to invest in the stock market.

New-Pattern based Expected Questions for IBPS Exams

New-pattern of Error Detection:

1. Direction: Four sentences S1, S2, S3, S4 are given. The underlined word is used either correctly or incorrectly. Choose the option which lists the sentences, where the underlined word is used correctly. 
Only 22% of the people voted. The rest were totally disinterested.
S2. The management and the union asked a completely disinterested party to mediate between them. 
S3. I don’t know why he didn’t go to the exhibition. Perhaps he was too busy or just disinterested. 
S4. France’s intervention in the dispute was not entirely disinterested. It gave her increased power and influence in the area.

  1. S1, S2, S4.
  2. S2, S3, S4.
  3. S1, S4.
  4. S2, S4.
  5. S1, S3

Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is, ‘D’.

“Disinterested” means ‘unbiased’. 
“Uninterested” means ‘not interested’. 
With these definitions, only S2 and S4 are the sentences where the word has been used correctly.

2. Direction: Five sentences are given below. Each sentence has a pair of words that are highlighted. From the highlighted words, select the most appropriate word (A or B) to form correct sentences. The sentences are followed by options that indicate the words, which may be selected to correctly complete the set of sentences. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. Anita wore a beautiful broach (A)/brooch (B) on the lapel of her jacket.
2. If you want to complain about the amenities in your neighborhood, please meet you councilor (A)/counsellor (B).
3. I would like your advice (A)/advise (B) on which job I should choose.
4. The last scene provided a climactic (A)/climatic(B) ending to the film.
5. Jeans that flair (A)/flare (B) at the bottom are in fashion these days.


Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is, ‘C’.  

Anita wore a “brooch”, a pin or a clasp. “Broach” is used in several ways (e.g., ‘broach a subject’; ‘introduce a new topic’) but none in context of jewelry or something to be worn. 
The second word is “councilor” which means ‘a person specially designated or selected to act in an advisory, administrative, or legislative capacity ‘as against a “counselor” meaning ‘a person who counsels or advises’ which is more generic. 
“Advice” is used as a noun whereas “advise” is used as a verb. In the third sentence, ‘I would like your advice/advise...’ we need a noun. Therefore, “Advice” is the right word. 
The fourth word refers to the end of the “film”, the ‘climax’. “Climactic” is the adjective form of ‘climax’ and the word for the fourth sentence. “Climatic” pertains ‘to climate’. 
“Flair” is 'a natural talent, aptitude, ability or knack’. The word to be used here is “flare”, which means, ‘to spread gradually outward as the bottom of a pair of trousers or a wide skirt’. 
Therefore, the correct sequence is BAAAB.

3. Direction: In the following questions four statements are given. There may be some grammatical mistakes in them. Identify the grammatically incorrect statement(s) and mark the option as directed.

I: In order to tap the sap producing layers of the tree, turpentines used a combination of hacks to remove the pine bark. 
II: Some feel that the term tisane is more correct than herbal tea or that the latter is even misleading, but most dictionaries record that the word tea is also used to refer to other plants besides the tea plant and to beverages made from these other plants. 
III: Herbal teas can be made with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots, generally by pouring boiling water over the plant parts and letting them steep for a few minutes. 
IV: In the chemical industry, selective oxidation of pinene with some catalysts give many compounds for perfumery, such as artificial odorants.

A. I

Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is, ‘C’.

  1. A preposition is missing in this given sentence. The correct preposition would be ‘into’ and the placement of the preposition should have been, “ in order to tap into the sap”. Without this the sentence would be incorrect. 
    IV. The error lies in the usage of the verb ‘give’ as the subject is singular, so the verb should be ‘gives’. The subject in this sentence is ‘selective oxidation’ Thus, it should read as, ‘some catalysts gives many compounds’.

New-Pattern of Fill in the Blanks:

1. Direction: A statement with three blanks is given. Choose the words which can fill the given blanks.

The Gothic was a characteristic ____ of the Middle Ages bringing together the ____ and the serious, the _______ and the sublime, copiousness and ascetic control.

  1. Style, frivolous, exalt
  2. Style, pert, distort
  3. Mode, pensive, gnarled
  4. Method, Amusing, elevate
  5. Mode, flippant, grotesque

Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is, ‘E’.

We can clearly decipher from the sentence that the first blank should have a word which means ‘way.’ From ‘copiousness and ascetic control,’ we can interpret that these are binaries. This means that the second blank should have a word which means ‘non-serious/comical’ and the third blank should have a word which means ‘ordinary/poor/irregular.’ 
Option A: Style means ‘a manner or way.’ Frivolous means not having any serious purpose or value. Exalt means to think or speak very highly of someone or something. Exalt is a synonym of ‘sublime.’ Thus, this option can’t be used. 
Option B: Style means ‘a manner or way.’ Pert is attractively lively or cheeky of girls. ‘Pert’ does not fit with the context of the sentence. Thus, this option can’t be used. 
Option C: Mode means a way or manner in which something occurs or experienced, expressed, or done. Pensive means to engage in, involve or reflect deep or serious thought. Pensive is a synonym of ‘serious.’ Thus, this option can’t be used. 
Option D: Method is a procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one. Amusing means causing laughter and providing entertainment. Elevate means to raise something to a more important or impressive level. ‘Elevate’ does not fit with the context of the sentence. Thus, this option can’t be used. 
Option E: Mode means a way or manner in which something occurs or experienced, expressed, or done. Flippant means not showing a serious or respectful attitude. Grotesque means comically or repulsively ugly or distorted. 
Therefore, option E is the apt answer.

2. Direction: A sentence with three blanks is given, followed by five options each containing two words to fill the blanks. While the first word must fill both the first and the second blank, the second word must fill the third blank to make it a meaningful sentence.

You cannot always ______ your life with others as the person you _______ with mostly has separate set of circumstances so it only means _______ your mind for no reason and it is illogical.

  1. Draw, fiddling
  2. Compare, tormenting
  3. Judge, changing
  4. Hinge, strengthening
  5. Aggravate, circulating

Explanation & Answer:

The correct answer is, 'B'

The sentence makes it clear that the last blank must convey a negative meaning as the sentence mentions the words 'for no reason' and 'illogical'. Correspondingly, the word 'tormenting' which means 'inflicting severe physical or mental suffering' fits here. The first and the second blank call for a word that means comparison or a contrast, hence 'compare' fits here correctly.  
The other words mean: 
Fiddling=> annoyingly trivial or petty 
Hinge=> attach or join with or as if with a hinge 
Aggravate=> make (a problem, injury, or offense) worse or more serious 
Thus option B is the correct answer.

If you come across any query in these questions, feel free to ask it in the comments section!

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