How to Read Newspaper and Why You Must Read It for Banking Exams ?

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Reading the newspaper every day is a vital element of preparing for the bank examination. Newspaper reading is particularly beneficial in coping with two exam sections: current affairs and English language. In today’s article, we’ll learn how to read a newspaper and why it’s important to do so.

Many important exams, such as IBPS RRB, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO, and IBPS Clerk, are scheduled to take place in the coming months. So, if you want to do well on these examinations in English, you’ve probably heard from your teachers and mentors that reading newspapers on a regular basis is a smart idea.


Which Newspaper to Follow for Bank Exams 2022? 

The Hindu is regarded as the best newspaper for competitive test preparation, especially for the banking sector examination, among all publications. The Hindu, Business Line, and Economic Times newspapers are also very significant because they largely cover banking, insurance, finance, and economic news, which is a major component of banking exams. Aside from that, you can study for your exams by reading the Indian Express and Times of India newspapers. Look for the following characteristics of a newspaper when choosing one:

  1. Comprehensiveness – For exam preparation, you should read a complete newspaper, which means that the majority of the items published daily should be relevant to Exams. This will help you save time while studying for the General Awareness exam. You should avoid reading a newspaper if it is full of local and useless news.
  2. Standard English – The newspaper’s articles must be written in standard English. This will be extremely beneficial to you as you work on the English Section.
  3. Good coverage – The newspaper which you are referring to should have good coverage of the relevant topics.

How to Read Newspaper for Bank Exams?

To read the newspaper from an exam point of view, you must follow the following points –

  • Read Actively – To reap the benefits of newspaper reading, you must engage in active reading. It means that instead of simply reading the words, try to come up with a strategy for approaching the article. Create your own set of questions about the problem and seek answers to them.
  • Prepare handy Notes on current affairs, vocabulary, and important facts – Reading alone isn’t enough if you don’t write it down somewhere for exam preparation. Make a separate English notebook and write down the key and difficult vocabulary, idioms, and phrases to give yourself an advantage in the English section of the tests. Similarly, keep a separate notebook for general awareness and jot down current-event points that you’ve read in the newspaper. One smart method is to separate the current affairs sections, such as sports news in one part of the notebook, and finance-related vital news in another so that the news from different sectors does not get mixed up. It will greatly assist you in adequately revising everything a few days before the exam.

Now comes the question, of what to read in a newspaper, you should only go through the following pages –

  • Front Page – The most important information can be found on the front page of a newspaper. While sitting to read a newspaper, you should go over the first page. However, if the first page has news about unrelated topics, you should skip it. It is not good to read in a passive or hurried manner.
  • Finance Page (Economy and Business) – For the bank exams aspirant, this page consists of the most relevant news. Most of the news related to the economy, finance, and banking is covered on this page.
  • Editorial Page– The editorial portion is the most significant for improving your vocabulary knowledge, grammatical abilities, and understanding key problems from various angles. Daily reading of the editorial section can greatly assist you in the descriptive section, group discussion, and interview process.
  • National and International affairs – For the current affairs preparation, this section covers most of the information such as awards, appointments, etc.
  • Sports Page – This page is also relevant as questions in the GK section are asked from the sports section.

Benefits of Reading the Newspaper :

  1. Reading Speed Increases – Reading the newspaper on a daily basis really improves your English reading speed, which is extremely beneficial when taking the English Language portion.

  2.  Enhancement of English Vocabulary- In standard newspaper articles, the vocabulary used is very important for the exams. 

  3.  Makes you familiar with English Grammar – The newspaper’s well-constructed sentences make you aware of the grammatical structure of the sentences.

  4. The basic way to grasp current affairs thoroughly – When you understand current affairs through the newspaper, you get knowledge of the issue in detail.

  5.  Give you an upper hand for Group discussions and interviews – Finally, reading the newspaper on a daily basis provides you an advantage in group debates and interview situations. It helps the most in solving the descriptive portion, which is now a part of practically all Probationary Officer Exams, by broadening your knowledge.

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