How to Approach Reasoning Section in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2021 Exam? Check Tips and Tricks

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

With the IBPS Clerk 2021 notification out, it is important for the students to know the proper preparation approach for the Reasoning ability section. Reasoning ability is one of the most important sections in the IBPS Clerk prelims exam 2021. You will have to solve 35 questions within 20 minutes. 

With the rising bar in the cut-off over the last few years, it is very crucial to start preparation with the right as well as with an effective approach. With a preparation strategy, you will be able to cover the syllabus in the required time frame with revision. Let’s discuss how you should approach the Reasoning ability section of the upcoming IBPS Clerk prelims 2021 exam.

In order to be successful and score more in this section, you need to focus on the following important aspects during the exam:


Always strive for 100 percent accuracy when answering questions. As you are aware, this exam has a negative marking system, therefore you must ensure that you answer each question correctly. Answering questions correctly increases your chances of getting a high score and clearing the sectional cutoff.

Which Topic you should Attempt in the Reasoning Section?

Syllogism, Coding-Decoding, Inequality, Seating Arrangement (Circular, Square), Linear Arrangement, Puzzle, and Miscellaneous Questions (Blood Relations, Ranking, Direction Test, Alphanumeric Series, and so on) are all included in the Reasoning section of the IBPS Clerk Prelims test.

Learn How to Manage Time 

  • The preliminary exam for IBPS Clerk Prelims is of a qualifying type, and you must pass the sectional as well as the overall cutoff in order to appear for the second phase, i.e. the main exam.
  • Time management becomes critical in this situation.
  • You must carefully use the 20 minutes time allotted for this section.

Grasp Conceptual Clarity

  • Conceptual clarity is of prime importance to ace the exam. 
  • Get in-depth knowledge of the IBPS Clerk Prelims syllabus.
  • Over the last two years, the overall difficulty level and sequence of topics asked in the exam have changed dramatically. Because you never know what new pattern IBPS will propose this year, you must build your foundation on the notions.
  • It is critical that your notions are clear in order to avoid such surprises in the exam.
  • This is due to the fact that the exam questions are based on a set of themes. The only difference is in the way they’re presented.
  • It is comparatively easy to tackle any topic if you understand the underlying approach to it, regardless of how it is questioned in the exam.

Do Regular Practice and Assessment

  • Please do remember that practice makes perfect.
  • You won’t be able to attempt questions based on such topics effectively in tests unless you practice the formulas/ concepts of those chapters.
  • Puzzles and Seating Arrangements, for example, consume a lot of time and effort in the exam and are asked frequently. As a result, make it a habit to practice these concepts on a daily basis.
  • This will assist you in increasing your speed and allowing you to respond to queries in less time.
  • Make an effort to commit at least 2-3 hours per week to your studies.

Reasoning Topics for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2021

In order to crack the IBPS Clerk Prelims selection, you need to excel in the reasoning section of the exam. Now, let us have a look at the number of topics that you need to prepare in the reasoning section for the IBPS Clerk Prelims exam.

Sr. No. Name of Topic
1 Syllogism
2 Inequality
3 Blood relation
4 Coding-Decoding
5 Order & Ranking
6 Alphanumeric Series
7 Puzzles and seating arrangement

Reasoning Preparation Tips for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2021 Exam

Let’s discuss the preparation strategies for the above-mentioned chapters for the upcoming IBPS Clerk prelims 2021 exam. Kindly go through the tips and plans to start preparing for the reasoning ability section.

1. Puzzles and Seating Arrangement:

  • You can expect around 3-4 puzzles in the exam, so try to devote as much time as possible to them.
  • To solve problems such as scheduling, floor-based, tabulation, and seating arrangement-related questions, first, comprehend the language properly.

2. Inequality:

  • This is one of the most important topics asked in the bank exams.
  • You just need to understand the basic concept and then practice as many questions as possible.

3. Syllogism:

  • These questions should be practiced using both the new and old patterns.
  • Only/Only a few forms of syllogisms are now asked in the IBPS Clerk prelims.
  • They usually consist of two or three statements followed by two or three inferences, and you must determine whether they are true or untrue.
  • Understand how to solve syllogism issues using a Venn Diagram. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to score quite well.

4. Coding-Decoding:

  • You can get around 4-5 questions on this topic.
  • If you have thoroughly gone through this topic, you can easily get full marks.
  • Practice all the types of it like alphabet coding, letter coding, fictitious language-based, etc. 

5. Blood Relations:

  • Learn and comprehend the method for answering these questions.
  • To answer the questions, learn the basic rules, such as the signs/symbols used to designate male/female and the symbol notation used to represent the family tree.
  • Also, practice puzzle questions based on blood ties.

6. Direction Sense:

  • This is also easy and scoring topics of the exam.
  • Understand how to solve questions of direction sense, and then practice enough to get a good speed and accuracy. 

7. Alphanumeric Series/Alphabet Test

  • Questions from the Alphanumeric Series/ Alphabet test are frequently asked in IBPS Clerk Exams.
  • These are the easiest topics. 
Attempt Daily Quiz: Reasoning Ability Quiz 

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