How to prepare English Section for RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Exam?

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Prepare English Section for RBI Assistant Mains 2022: RBI Assistant Main 2022 exam is going to be conducted in the month of May 2022.

Thus, it is high time to utilize the fundamental resources and start preparing for the RBI Assistant Mains 2022 exam English section now itself.

English is one of the major sections in the exam which carry a weightage of 40 marks. Thus, to help you score maximum, we are sharing some important tips from the toppers strategy that will help you fetch maximum marks.


Before we proceed with the tips on the RBI Assistant mains English, Here is the detailed RBI Assistant mains 2022 exam pattern. Let us check section-wise breakup and time allotted for each section.

RBI Assistant Exam Pattern for the Mains phase –

It is clear from the table that there will be a total of 40 questions in the English language section and each question will carry one mark. Only 30 minutes will be allowed to accomplish the task. Students must keep in mind the negative marking and are advised not to mark any answer on the random guessing.

Subject Number of Questions Maximum Marks Total
Reasoning Ability 40 40 30 minutes
English Language 40 40 30 minutes
Numerical Ability 40 40 30 minutes
General Awareness 40 40 25 minutes
Computer Knowledge 40 40 20 minutes
Total 200 questions 200 marks  

Important Topics for RBI Assistant Mains English Section

Reading comprehension and the Cloze Test are without a doubt an important part of the English section, and they make up the majority of it.

However, this is not a habit that develops overnight. To reach a good reading pace and eventually summarize what you’ve read, you’ll need to put in persistent work and perseverance. Here are most important topics for RBI Assistant mains English Section 2022:

1) Reading Comprehension –

Students can expect 2 sets of Reading comprehension in RBI Assistant mains English which may be based on Story, research, Economy, etc. Keep these things in mind while you are attempting comprehension based questions.

  • Always check on the questions asked. This will surely help you mark out the answer while reading the passage.
  • A question on the central theme of the passage would also be asked this can be figured out from the first and last part of the passage. Go through these stanzas thoroughly to answer the questions correctly.
  • If questions based on the vocabulary part are asked within the passage, attempt them in the starting of the passage. Read the line containing the word asked. This will help you understand the correct or required meaning of the word asked properly.

2) Cloze Test and Fillers –

Generally 6-8 questions are asked from the Cloze test in RBI Assistant mains English. You can expect a set of Cloze test that may be based on a story and a total of 6-8 questions based on that passage. Usually, the English section takes less time as compare to other sections as it does not require any complex calculations.

Follow these things while you attempt questions based on the Cloze test.

  • The habit of reading at least 2 articles on a daily basis will help you in solve the Cloze test as Reading Comprehension.
  • You can also refer to articles provided on BYJU’S Exam Prep for this purpose where we have picked out articles from newspapers and also provide important words which help you strengthen your vocabulary and reading quality.
  • It must be noticed that all the sentences/Blanks are interconnected to each other. If you feel stuck at any blank or point proceed with the other.
  • Once you complete the rest of the blanks you will eventually find out the answer to the previous blank.
  • Try to adopt the elimination method while filling out the blanks. This can be done by substituting the given options in the blank. This will help you find the correct option very easily.
  • Follow the same approach while pursuing filler based questions. Eliminate options while reading the sentence carefully and substitute them in the required blank.

3) Spotting Errors / Sentence Improvement  –

 5-10 questions are expected from error spotting topic in RBI Assistant mains English 2022 exam. This Topic also consumes less time and can be solved easily like RC and Cloze test.

  • Read the sentence first and try to mark the error in one go.
  • If the sentence structure is correct Lookup for grammatical errors.
  • Try to proceed with basic grammar rules, for example, which verb form should be used and with which kind of subject etc. Once you get a fair idea of finding it, you’ll be able to solve questions on errors easily.
  • Apply the same trick for Sentence Improvement, once you identify the error in the given statement, You can make use of the options given to make a meaningful sentence.
  • The pattern of Spotting Errors has been changed over the past years in banking exam. Instead of a single sentence, different sentences are provided in the options and you are required to find which of the given options is correct/Incorrect. However, the basic approach for such questions still remains the same.
  • Check the link provided below to learn basic grammar concepts –

Grammar Rules for Spotting Errors/ Sentence Improvement

4) Para Jumbles –

Generally, a set of 5 questions is asked from this topic in the RBI Assistant mains English 2022 exam.

  • The pattern of Para Jumbles was changed unexpectedly in RBI Assistant Mains Exam in the year 2017. Rather than a complete set, single questions were asked where candidates had to find the correct arrangement.
  • In spite of the variation introduced in the pattern, approach to solving the questions still remains the same. In fact, it is easier to solve.
  • Finding the first and last statement of the passage is usually easy because the first statement is generally independent while last statement usually carries the conclusion language. Once you find them, you can check the options given and see which arrangement fits most aptly.
  • identify the opening and closing statement first, In case para jumbles from the previous pattern are asked as the first step remains the same.
  • Go through all the sentences given and understand the idea of the passage. This will help you arrange the sentences logically correct.
  • Once you are done with the arrangement of all the sentences, make sure that you go through the passage formed to ensure that it delivers logical conclusion.

Above mentioned are the common topics that are usually asked in Banking Exams nowadays. Apart from these, few new topics has been introduced this year. Let us now discuss these topics briefly.

  • Vocabulary based Questions – Instead of asking questions on synonyms/ antonyms in the passage, individual words are asked in the question and you need to find the option which is most similar or most opposite in meaning to the given word asked. Such questions are generally tricky because unless you know the word completely, there is no way that you can solve such a question. For this, you’ll need to improve your vocabulary part. Read at least 2-3 articles on a daily basis and identify new words. Lookup for their meanings and try to form new sentences from these words on your own. Make sure that you practice it regularly to ace in this part.
  • Idiom Based – In these questions, an idiom/ phrase is provided in the question and different sentences carrying the meaning of that idiom are provided in the given options. You are required to find which sentence best fits the meaning of that idiom. In order to answer such questions, you should be well versed with this topic. Try to learn 6-8 idioms on a regular basis to score well in this part.
  • Phrase Starter based – In this type of questions, two different sentences are given and you are provided with a set of starters. You need to find a suitable starter with the help of which you can join the two given sentences so that it forms a meaningful sentence. Here, you’ll have to eliminate options by using each option as a starter and applying it to the given sentences.

General Tips for RBI Assistant Mains –

  • In the RBI Assistant mains 2022 exam, if you come across any new topic/ questions. Do not panic as this will only consume your time.
  • Give a minute to that question and try to solve it. If nothing clicks you within a minute, proceed with the next question.
  • Practice above-mentioned topics on a daily basis, analyze your performance and improvise on your weak points. Also, practice with the RBI Assistant online mock test series more often.
  • Since sectional time has been introduced, try to divide two-hour time constraint among different sections and then practice each section within that time frame.
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