What is the Full Form of VIRUS in Computer?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Vital Information Resources Under Siege is the full form of VIRUS in computers. It is a set of codes that harms the data in the computer.


Answer: The full form of VIRUS is Vital Information Resources Under Siege.

A virus can steal the user’s data and can share it with hackers. It is advanced by humans to gain access to the private information of any individual, government organization, private firm, etc. Its codes are written in such a way to change the operation of the computer. It spreads from one computer to another computer without any knowledge of the user. A computer shows some signs when it is attacked by any virus like the slowing down of the processing speed, deletion of data without the user’s permission, damaging the files, etc.


What is the Full Form of VIRUS in Computer?

VIRUS is the short form of Vital Information Resources Under Siege. There are different types of viruses such as Directory Virus, Resident Virus, Stealth Virus, etc.

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