Find the integral of 1/x?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

In calculus, integration is an important concept. The applications of integrals include determining the area under the curve and values of different parameters and quantities related to Science and Engineering.

We know that

d/dx ln x = 1/x

So we will use the counter process to determine the integral of 1/x

Integral of 1/x is loge |x|, which is the natural logarithm of absolute x represented as ln x

The integral identity of xn cannot be used here as

xn dx = xn + 1/(n + 1) + C

For 1/x here, we have n = -1

x-1 dx = x0/0 = undefined.

If it is an indefinite integral, we add a constant C

We can find the specific value by specifying the limits

Therefore, the integral of 1/x is logx + C.


Find the integral of 1/x.

The integral of 1/x is logx + C.

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