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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

ESI Questions For RBI Grade B: The RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam will be conducted by the Reserve Bank of India. The Economics and Social Issue (ESI) Section of the RBI Grade B Main Exam will be conducted soon. Here, we have come up with the exact questions asked in the exam.

RBI Grade B Main (Phase II) Exam comprises three papers- RBI Grade B Finance and Management (FM), Economic and social issues (ESI), and English. The ESI questions for RBI Grade B exam consist of a mixed bag of objective as well as descriptive questions. This section includes passage-based questions, objective questions and straightforward subjective questions.

ESI Questions for RBI Grade B – Descriptive

The descriptive questions include 6 ESI questions, out of which 3 are of 15 marks each and 3 are of 10 marks each.

15 Marks Question

Q1. What are the recommendations of the 15th financial Commission with respect to horizontal and vertical devolution from centre to state?

Q2. What are the different ways to measure poverty? Discuss poverty measurement in relation to 3 aspects of the Inflation index, consumer basket and per capita income.

Q3. How do the aspects of Globalisation change after the 2008 Financial Crisis?

10 Marks Questions

Q1. What are the disinvestment measures announced in Budget 2021-22 and their impact?

Q2. Discuss India’s commitment towards the achievement of global climate change in aspects like health, and socio-economic development aspects.

Q3. What is the influence of Demographic transition on economic growth with reference to India?

ESI Questions for RBI Grade B – Objective

Most of the questions in this section are based on passage. Here are a few questions from the students.

Passage 1 for Questions 1 to 3: A paragraph on the PM-KISAN scheme

Q1. Total financial benefits provided to all landholding farmers’ families per year?

Answer: Financial benefit of Rs 6000 per annum

Q2. In Dec 2020 how much amount was transferred by the government?

  1. 18000 Cr
  2. 30000 Cr
  3. 50000 Cr

Answer: 18,000 Cr

Q3. 1 more question on this scheme.

Passage 2 for Questions 4 to 6: A paragraph on the OECD outlook report.

Q4. What is the INDIA GDP forecast for 2021-22?

Answer: 12.6%

Passage 2: Labour Reforms

Q1. How labour reforms are beneficial?

Q2. Which of the following is not related?

  1. Smart cities
  2. Amrut
  3. Pmay
  4. Uday
  5. Hriday

Answer: D

UDAY scheme comes under the Ministry of power, and the rest comes under the Ministry of housing and urban affairs.

Economics and Social Issue Sample Questions

Descriptive Paper

Q1. What do you understand about the Monetary Policy Committee?

Q2. Urbanization is taking place in the hinterland but there is still discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and religion. Explain the situation and the ways to tackle the situation.

Q3. Define the Economic reform of the 1990s and its effect to date.

Q4. What do you mean by rural entrepreneurship and what are the challenges faced by rural entrepreneurs and how young entrepreneurs can address social challenges

Q5. What do you mean by Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) and their types?

Q6. Write not on the Resilience of the Indian Economy in the context of:

  1. Financial stability report
  2. Corona Pandemic

ESI MCQ-Based Questions

Q1. Matysa Sampada Scheme

Q2. Sovereign Gold Bond – Situation-based question

PO, Clerk, SO, Insurance

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