ECGC PO Quantitative Aptitude: Syllabus, Questions, How to Get Maximum Marks

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

How to Score Maximum Marks in ECGC PO Quantitative Aptitude: In the ECGC PO exam 2022, Quantitative aptitude is an important part and holds a major portion of the ECGC PO exam. 

So, In this article, we are going to learn the strategy to score maximum marks in the ECGC PO Quantitative Aptitude Section.

We are going to discuss the syllabus of the Quantitative Aptitude of ECGC PO exam along with the tips and tricks to solve these questions. 

Now, let’s have a look at some important points of the Quant Section of the ECGC PO Exam. 

Important Points of Quantitative Aptitude Section of ECGC PO Exam 2022

  • The Quantitative aptitude section of the ECGC PO Exam contains 50 questions and each question is for 1 mark. 
  • The total time allotted to the Quant section is 40 min. So you have approximately 0.8 min for each question of quant. 
  • There is 1/4th negative marking for each wrong attempt.
  • It is very likely that the majority of the questions asked in the Quant section of the ECGC PO exam are from Data Interpretation and Arithmetic. 
  • Other important topics for the Quant section are
    • Number Series
    • Data Sufficiency
    • Quantity Comparison 
    • Root Comparison
    • Approximation & Simplification etc. 

Now let’s discuss the syllabus of the Quant section of ECGC PO Exam 2022.

ECGC PO Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 

The following table list down all the possible topics from which the questions can be asked in the ECGC PO exam 2022. We have also provided a likely but indicative number of questions that can be asked about these topics. 

Topics Number of Questions (Indicative)
Data Interpretation & Analysis 15-20
Number Series (Wrong/ Missing) 0-5
Approximation & Simplification 3-6
Quantity Comparison  3-5
Quadratic Equation Root Comparison  3-5
Data Sufficiency  3-5
Arithmetic 15-20

Now, let’s discuss some tips and strategies to prepare for the Quantitative aptitude section to score maximum marks. 

Strategy to Score Maximum Marks in Quant Section of ECGC PO Exam 2022

The quantitative component is the most scored subject, despite the fact that most candidates are terrified of it.

Students studying for banking examinations are usually terrified of the Quantitative Aptitude section, which is typically calculative and a little tough.

However, if you use the appropriate approach, you may make this part your strong suit and get an advantage over your peers. Let’s now discuss tips and tricks to solve each topic of the Quant section in detail.

Number Series:

There are two types of number series that can be asked in the exam. These are

1. Missing Number Series

2. Wrong Number Series

  • If prepared well, this topic will easily fetch you 4-5 marks within 2-3 minutes.
  • Identify the commonly asked patterns of number series first.
  • Practice at least 10-15 number series regularly to have a proper hold over this topic.

Simplification/ Approximation:

  • Questions are comparatively easy if you have practiced simplification & approximation topics well.
  • Whenever an expression with multiple arithmetic operations is given, follow the BODMAS principle for calculating the final result.
  • Rather than calculating the exact value in terms of decimals, calculate the approximate values and then perform the operations.
  • Practice at least 25-30 min regularly to have a proper hold over this topic.

Data Interpretation & Analysis:

  • DI is a major topic of the quant section in any exam. Usually, 4-5 sets are asked from this topic.
  • Questions of Data Interpretation are usually based on Ratios, Averages, Percentages, etc. So, practice these topics properly.
  • Practice at least 1-2 sets of DI regularly to improve your calculation speed.

The types of DI asked in the exam are;

1. Pie Chart

2. Bar Graph

3. Line Chart

4. Radar Graph

5. Table DI

6. Missing Table DI

7. Caselet etc. 

Quadratic Equation:

  • 3-4 questions may be asked on this topic as well. So, it would be better to prepare quadratic equations as well.
  • Make sure that you are well versed in the formula as well in case the factorization approach doesn’t work out.


  • A major chunk of the quant section is asked from the Miscellaneous section.
  • This includes questions from
  • Practice arithmetic topics on daily basis. Also, attempt the daily arithmetic quizzes at BYJU’S Exam Prep. 
  • Questions from these topics are usually time-consuming. So, try to attempt them once you are done with the remaining topics of this section.

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