Dielectric materials are ________.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

1. Superconductors

2. Good conductors

3. Perfect insulators

4. None of the above

The non-conducting substances that have no charge carriers is called dielectric materials. There is no free movement of charges in dielectric materials. The external field induces dipole moment by stretching or re-orienting of dielectric molecules.

Answer: Dielectric materials are perfect insulators.

The surface of the dielectric which produces a field that opposes the external field is the collective effect of all the molecular dipole moments. Dielectric materials are substances that are the same as insulators but it allow the flow of electrons through them when subjected to an external electric field as they can be polarized.

More details on Dielectric Materials

The crucial details related to the dielectric materials are given below:

  • Dielectric is the ability of a material to store charge (energy) by means of polarization like a capacitor.

  • All dielectrics materials are insulators but all insulators are not dielectric materials.

  • The dielectric materials are classified into three types solid, liquid and gas.

  • They are mostly used in electrical equipments and networks.

  • It is used in high and medium-voltage substation equipments and overhead lines as insulators.

  • It is also used as bushings on high voltage transformers and switch gears.


Dielectric materials are ________.

Out of the given options, the correct answer is ‘perfect insulator’.

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