Computer Awareness PDF for IBPS RRB & NIACL AO 2022 Exam, Download Now!

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Computer awareness plays a major role in bank exams. You will have to face this section especially in the main exam of almost all the bank and insurance exams. With a little effort and planning, you can easily score very good marks in this section.

In this article, we are going to discuss the importance and weightage of the computer awareness section in bank exams. Also, you can download the computer awareness digest from the link given in this article for the upcoming IBPS RRB Mains and NIACL AO exam.


IBPS RRB Mains exam are scheduled to be held in September and October 2022 respectively. We have received a lot of requests regarding the Computer Awareness PDF for these exams. So, we are here with the Computer Awareness Capsule PDF in both English & Hindi Language for IBPS RRB Mains & other Competitive Bank Exams.

Importance of Computer Awareness in Bank Exams

  • You will get 40 questions from this section in IBPS RRB Main exam.
  • Also, you can expect around 10 questions from this section in the NIACL exam.
  • Many students ignore this section. As a result, even after performing very well in other sections, they are not able to clear the final cut-off.
  • Please keep in mind that, this is the easiest section.
  • With a little preparation from the right study material, you will be able to score very good marks in this section.
  • So start preparing for this section if you have not started yet.
  • Make a goal to devote at least 20-30 minutes every day.
  • Make your own hand-written notes if possible for the last-minute revision.

Some Important Points of the Computer Awareness PDF

Input Devices (How to tell it what to do): This unit makes the link between user and computer. The input devices translate the information into a form understandable by the computer.

Keyboard- The most common and very popular input device which helps in inputting data to the computer
Mouse is the most popular pointing device and cursor-control device having a small palm-size box with a round ball at its base which senses the movement of the mouse and sends corresponding signals to the CPU when the mouse buttons are pressed.
Joy Stick-
To move cursor position on a monitor screen. It is mainly used in Computer-Aided Designing (CAD) and playing computer games.
Light pen-
It is used to select a displayed menu item or draw pictures on the monitor screen.
Track Ball-
Mostly used in notebook or laptop computer, instead of a mouse. This is a ball that is half inserted and by moving fingers on the ball, the pointer can be moved

Download Computer Awareness Notes PDF for IBPS RRB Mains & NIACL AO

This Computer PDF covers all of the crucial points that will help you improve your exam result. From the link provided below, you can get Computer PDF in English and Hindi.

Computer Notes PDF English Language Hindi Language
Download PDF in English

Download PDF in Hindi

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