Another name for interpersonal communication is _______.

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 5th, 2022

1. Permissive Communication

2. Dyadic Communication

3. Triadic Communication

4. Mass Communication

Communication here refers to the division between the inner thought and outer world, private and public, and self and other. It can be realized through images and written languages. The steps involved in the communication are the reason, message composition, transmission, reception, decoding the message, and interpretation of the original message.

Answer: Dyadic communication is another name for interpersonal communication.

The communication between one person and another is known as interpersonal communication. It can be a face to face communication between two people. It is the exchange of information between two or more than two people. Interpersonal communication can be both verbal and nonverbal. In nonverbal communication, the body language of a person plays a part in understanding. On the other hand, in verbal communication, two types of messages are being sent namely a relational message and a content message.

What is addressed in Interpersonal Communication?

During interpersonal communication, the following things are addressed:

  • The process to adapt and adjust verbal communication and nonverbal communication in humans during face-to-face communication.

  • Relational dialectics.

  • Ways to produce messages.

  • Deceptive communication.

  • Technology mediated social interactions.


Another name for interpersonal communication is _______.

Another name for interpersonal communication is Dyadic communication.


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