CSIR NET Study Material: 3 Month Study Plan for CSIR NET 2021 Exam

By Neetesh Tiwari|Updated : April 28th, 2021

CSIR UGC NET June 2021 Examination demands an all-round preparation of the syllabus, and in-depth conceptual clarity and consistent practice for better question-solving skills. To ace the upcoming CSIR NET 2021 Exam, it is essential to build a comprehensive plan and follow it honestly. CSIR UGC NET June 2021 examination notification has been delayed due to pandemic and the new date will be announced in the month of July. We have exactly 3 months for the preparation of CSIR UGC NET 2021.

CSIR UGC NET June 2021 Examination demands an all-around preparation of the syllabus, and in-depth conceptual clarity and consistent practice for better question-solving skills. To ace the upcoming CSIR NET 2021 Exam, it is essential to build a comprehensive plan and follow it honestly. CSIR UGC NET June 2021 examination notification has been delayed due to covid 19 and the new date will be announced in the month of July. We have exactly 3 months for the preparation of CSIR UGC NET 2021.


Applicants must roll up their sleeves and get to a wholesome preparation to succeed in the UGC NET 2021 exam. In this article, we have curated a CSIR UGC NET study plan for your ease and efficient exam preparation. As the potential of each candidate varies, you can shuffle or modify the preparation plan as per your potential and need.

CSIR NET Study Material & Preparation Strategy for 90 Days

In the article below, apart from a well-planned study plan for CSIR NET 2021 exam, you will also receive tips on how you can make the most of the study plan by utilizing your time judiciously. Before diving into the preparation plan, let’s understand the basic CSIR NET 2021 Exam pattern. The CSIR NET question paper consists of three parts. Part 'A' is of the general aptitude and it is common for all the subjects. While Part 'B' and 'C' are covering specific subjects.

Note: Here in the time management strategy we are discussing the planning by taking Life sciences as a sample subject and you can modify the things according to your main subject.

Study Plan for CSIR NET Exam: Set Target Unit

You can begin with a target of completing 13 Units. Give 6 days to each unit with question practice:

While completing the units ensure that you cover the CSIR NET syllabus and after completion of the syllabus solve the previous year CSIR NET question papers. For revision and practice, attempt the CSIR NET mock test for regular improvement.

  • If you are going to target all the units then you have to complete your one unit within 6 days. However, for some students, it is very difficult to cover all the units. Because life sciences is not a single subject, instead it consists of broad areas like Botany, Zoology, Molecular biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Immunology etc. And it is not possible for everyone to have command on all the subjects. So you can go for the 8-9 units of your interest in which you are sure to get a good score.
  • Now you can add or subtract days plannings accordingly. But make sure that if you skip any unit, at least do some important points or topics from them. These small and frequently asked topics can help you to score better. Because it is not necessary that you will be able to attempt all the questions from your favourite or strong topics.

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By doing so you will be left with approx. 15 days for revision (this much time is recommended for revision). And if you can save more days for revision then it is quite good as revision is the key to qualify this exam.

Time Table for CSIR NET 2021 Exam

We have designed a time table for the upcoming CSIR NET June 2021 Exam. We have attempted to divide the sections of both Part A and Part B&C across the remaining days.


Part 'A'

Part 'B' & 'C'

1-6 days

Numerical ability


Molecules and their interaction relevant to biology

7-12 days


Numerical ability


Cellular organisation

13-18 days


Numerical ability


Fundamental processes

19-24 days

Numerical ability


Cell communication and cell signalling

25-30 days

Numerical ability


Developmental biology

31-36 days

Quantitative comparison


System physiology- Plants

37-42 days

Quantitative comparison


System physiology- Animal

43-48 days



Inheritance biology

49-54 days



Diversity of life forms

55-60 days

Data interpretation


Ecological principles

61-66 days

Data interpretation


Evolution and behavior

67-72 days

Previous year question practice


Applied biology

73-78 days

Previous year question practice


Methods in biology

  • In the remaining time period make sure to revise all the topics covered quickly and practice mock tests of last year papers every third day. If possible join any CSIR NET online mock test series.

You may refer to the above study plan for the upcoming CSIR NET June 2021 Exam and design your own as per your strengths and weaknesses. It is crucial that you personalize the 3 Month Study Plan for CSIR NET Exam for effective exam preparation.

Tips for CSIR NET 2021 Exam Preparation

  • You must segregate the syllabus as per the weightage of topics after analysing the previous year CSIR NET question papers. Ensure that you cover the higher weightage topics first and secure maximum marks. 
  • Ensure a productive mindset while studying- It is easy to procrastinate and assume that 3 months is a long time to finish the syllabus. You must ensure that you utilise your time in a productive manner and not waste time. Although 90 days is sufficient for effective preparation for the CSIR NET Exam, you must not gamble away the time you have.

  • Make studying a habit:- Begin with a short duration of sitting hours and then take a break for some time. After some days increase your studying hours gradually. This practice will ensure that you are comfortable with long sitting hours and in the end, cover a vast amount of syllabus in one sitting.
  • Try to implement your plan strictly:- Don't miss out any step. Means whatever portion you decide to study, make sure you finish it in time. It means you have to seriously follow the schedule. Many times the casual attitude before the exam restricts your success.
  • Mark and Revise: While studying you must either use a highlighter or note down the important facts separately. Accumulating important notes or highlighting them shall help you in the end while revising

While studying from the reference books, select only the topics and not the whole chapter.

  • Relate the understanding of topics with question practice:- Make it a habit to solve all the possible MCQs from the topic you studied. This will give you an idea of what type of questions can be asked. Practice questions not only from CSIR NET question papers but also from other relevant exams like GATE, SET and other University PhD entrances.
  • Give time for new topics:- If you have already done some topics then don't repeat them instead study some new topics. This will increase the covered area and the chances of getting a good score. Revise the already covered topics for better retention.

Keep the familiar topics for the end. You can easily handle them during the revision process.

  • Revision:- Revise the already completed topics before starting a new one. Revision of previously covered topics for 20-25 minutes will help you to retain these in your memory for a longer time.
  • Write formulas, graphs, tables (which are difficult to memorize) separately on a paper and stick them in front of your study table.
  • Revision material should be ready:- If you make notes, pathway diagrams etc. then keep them at one place. Save the videos which can help during revision time. These small things save your time during the last minute revision.
  • Solve at least 5-10 general aptitude questions daily and give one hour daily for question practising.

Hope all this will boost up your study planning. Good luck.

Thank You.
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