Which is the odd one out?

By Ritesh|Updated : November 2nd, 2022

odd one out

Every choice has a circle and a quadrilateral, with the exception of option 3, which has two quadrilaterals. So, "option 3" stands out as the odd one out. A quadrilateral is a flat shape with four edges and four corners, also known as vertices. The quadrilateral has angles at each of its four vertices, or corners. The angles at the vertices of a quadrilateral ABCD are A, B, C, and D. A quadrilateral has the following sides: AB, BC, CD, and DA.

Features of a circle

The following are significant basic characteristics:

  • A circle's circumference is equally spaced from its center.
  • The circle is divided into two equal pieces by its diameter.
  • Equal-radius circles are equivalent to one another.
  • Similarity exists between circles with various radii or sizes.
  • The biggest chord in a circle is its diameter, which is twice as large as its radius.


Which is the odd one out?

The odd one out is option 3. A circle is a closed, two-dimensional object where every point in the plane is equally spaced from a central point. The line of reflection symmetry is formed by all lines that traverse the circle. Additionally, every angle has rotational symmetry around the center.


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