Unit of stress in SI unit is (a) kg/mm² (b) N/m² (c) ksi (d) ksc

By Ritesh|Updated : October 25th, 2022

The unit of stress in the SI unit is N/m². Internal resistance to external changes like force, bending, torsion, etc., stress is a physical quantity that describes the internal forces that adjacent particles of a continuous material impose on one another.

  • It might have tensile or compressive properties.
  • SI unit of stress is N/m² or Pa.

What is Stress?

Stress is “The restoring force per unit area of the material”. It is a tensor quantity that is written by the Greek letter σ. Measured using N/m2 or Pascal. Mathematically written as -

σ = F/A


  • F = restoring force in Newton or N.
  • A =area of cross-section in m2.
  • σ = stress in N/m2 or Pa.

Types of Stress

Stress is considered to be Normal when the direction of the force deforming is perpendicular to the body’s cross-sectional area.

When two cross-sectional areas of the cylinder are exposed to opposite and equal forces the stress experienced is known as longitudinal stress.


Unit of stress in SI unit is (a) kg/mm² (b) N/m² (c) ksi (d) ksc

N/m² is the SI unit of stress. It is the internal resistance to external forces like bending, force, torsion, etc.


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