Study Notes on Communication Barrier (Part-II)

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Updated on: September 14th, 2023

UGC NET Exam is conducted twice a year by NTA. There are ten units in Paper-1 and each unit has equal weightage in the examination. Most Important Topics in UGC NET Environment, Logical Reasoning, Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Communication, ICT, Higher Education.

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 In our previous post on Communication barrier (Part-I), we have looked into the five types of communication barrier. Now we are going to discuss the rest of the communication barriers.

 As discussed previously, we know that communication barriers work as an obstacle in the way of a successful exchange of message and ideas among people. Communication is an extremely important activity in day to day functioning in each and every walk of life. Now, we will discuss the communication barriers like – Social Barriers, Cultural Barriers, Physiological Barriers, Perceptual barriers and Attitude barriers.

Social Barriers

  • The difference in social status or rank of the communicator and audience results into social barriers of communication.  
  • The channel of communication between father and son or boss and employee etc. get influenced by the social status of these people.

Cultural barriers

  • Our Cultural values and practice significantly influence our behaviour, acts, language, rules, rituals etc. these behavioural various among people sometimes create some gaps or disturbance during communication between them.
  • An example would be a Korean living in Canada. The most significant cultural barrier would be language — if the Korean doesn’t know how to speak English or French, it’d be almost impossible to communicate with anyone.
  • When a particular group gets stereotyped on the basis of their ethnicity, gender, race, religion, etc., it results in communication barriers due to cultural reasons.

Physiological Barriers

  • Physical barriers may result from the physical state of communication or receiver.
  • For example, a person with weak hearing capability will not be able to understand the message delivered to him.
  • If a person with short term memory loss is unable to convey the message after a while as he/she forgets the message and hence the communication
  • If the voice quality of the speaker in a meeting is not clear then the audience will remain unaware about the points discussed.

 Perceptual Barriers

  • We human have different perception about the same things, and our understanding of anything literally depends on our perception.
  • We all have our own preferences, values, attitudes, origins and life experiences that act as perceptual filters on our experiences of people, events and information.
  • A person with critical perspective always look at things happening around him from a critical point of view and this determines his understanding of any kind of communication he does.

Attitude barriers

  • Attitude is a way of feeling or acting toward a person, thing or situation.
  • Attitude barriers to communication may result from personality conflicts, poor management, resistance to change or a lack of motivation.
  • Attitude can affect communication in both positive and negative ways. Pleasant, respectful, upbeat attitudes throughout an office improve upward and downward communication, which increases morale and productivity.

Now, we are done with the topic of Communication barriers, try out the following questions to check your understanding of these topics.

Q.1 If you are visiting a foreign country, but don’t know the language, then what kind of communication barriers will you face?

A. Attitude barrier

B. Physiological barrier

C. Cultural barrier

D. Perceptual barrier 

Q. 2 If the special senses of a person are not working properly then it can lead to  

A. A social barrier in communication

B. A cultural barrier in communication

C. Attitude barrier in communication

D. A physiological barrier in communication

Hope you guys find both these posts on Communication Barriers relevant for your UGC NET Paper I. Comment your answer and queries if any. 

Team BYJU’S Exam Prep

Thank you!

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