How To Prepare for UGC NET Exam While Working?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Every year lakhs of aspirants apply for the exam of UGC NET, however, only a handful make the cut. Out of these, there are a number of working professionals who prepare for UGC NET exam. So, here are some of the important tips on how to prepare for the UGC NET exam while working.

The UGC NET exam receives thousands of applications each year, but only a small number of candidates are selected. A number of employed professionals among these are preparing for the UGC NET exam. As a result, the following are some crucial pointers for studying for the UGC NET exam while employed.

In order to understand how to properly prepare for the UGC NET while working full-time, professionals who want to become lecturers or pursue a doctoral degree should carefully read these tips.

How to crack UGC-NET exam while working?

Mental and physical exertion are required to prepare for the UGC NET exam. Additionally, the preparation becomes slightly more challenging if you work full-time. Working professionals, unlike regular students, don’t have as much time to study, so they need to be guided in the right direction. As a result, the following important advice will assist you in preparing disciplines for the UGC NET exam.

1. Plan your Preparation Layout

  • Go through the Entire Syllabus and Exam Pattern first. Prepare a draft of the study schedule as per your working hours and the number of days left before the exam.
  • Make sure that you try to devote at least 2 hours after office to your UGC NET exam preparation.
  • For the next few days, say, the next 15 days, adhere to this schedule. Make any necessary adjustments based on the requirements and adhere to your schedule when it is updated on time.

2. Self Study – Utilize idle office time for preparation

  • Try to prepare for the UGC NET exam during your office breaks. For instance, whenever you can, try to allocate 15 to 20 minutes of your free office time to topic review or short quiz practice.
  • However, this should not be limited to office hours. Additionally, you should try to maximize your travel time and time after or before work. For instance, rather than attempting to complete entire chapters or exercises from a book, read a single topic (such as Logical Reasoning from Paper 1) at home in the morning and then solve four to five questions based on that topic during your free time in the office.
  • For other theoretical topics, you can make short notes while reading them in your free time.
  • You can also refer to some online study material and exercises attached to it.
  • Make sure that you revise whatever you study during the day.

3. Join Online NET classes in the evening

  • Being a working professional, it may not be suitable for you to join a full-time classroom program because of time restrictions.
  • So, you can also opt for online classes for UGC NET exam in the evening.

4. Attend Offline sessions on weekends

  • Apart from online classes, working professionals can also join offline weekend course programs.
  • The topics which you would cover on the weekdays would also be covered on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) by coaching institute, thus facilitating your revision.

5. Prepare and take Mock tests

  • In addition to thoroughly studying the theories, taking the UGC NET exam requires regular practice with mock tests and evaluation of your preparation.
  • Due to the fact that the UGC NET exam will be administered online for the first time, sufficient practice with Online UGC NET mock tests is essential.
  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of the tests you take. It will assist you in working on your weak points and enhancing your strengths.
  • The schedule should be set up in such a way that you use half of the available time to learn the concepts and fundamentals of the NET topics that will be tested and the other half to practice questions based on those topics.

Overall, the preferred strategy for working professionals can be either be one or a combination of:
i) Self-study,
ii) NET classes (online/offline)

It is not impossible to pass a competitive exam while working full-time, and it is definitely doable with proper dedication and perseverance. It’s just a matter of finding a balance between work and school. You will unquestionably succeed in the end if you remain focused on your objective, have confidence in yourself, and employ the appropriate strategy.

Focus on making your journey better and productive in every sense!

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