UGC NET English Books 2022: Study Material for Preparation

By Sakshi Ojha|Updated : May 15th, 2022

UGC NET English Book: Right UGC NET books will improve the chances of clearing UGC NET JRF. Candidates should start preparing for the exam as soon as possible as there is not much time left. To qualify for JRF, you must approve both the concepts in Papers 1 and 2. When it comes to preparing UGC NET Paper 2, don't rely on just one book.

This particular post outlines the English curriculum with a set of books and resources recommended by experts in this field. This will not only help you score better for the English Paper of UGC NET alone but also provide you with a go-to list of books whenever you are stuck with any subject-related problem.

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UGC NET English Books 2022

When it comes to preparing for the UGC NET Exam, candidates should always choose the UGC NET Books very carefully as it will be very important for your UGC NET Preparation. For both UGC NET Paper 1 and 2, the candidate needs to have the appropriate study material. UGC NET exam will have two separate sections, Paper 1 and 2. Where paper 1 is common and is the qualifying section, paper 2 is subject-specific. Let us have a look at the Best Books for UGC NET Political Science exam.

List of Best Books for UGC NET English (Unit-Wise)

Below are the UGC NET English 2022 Books for the apt preparation for the UGC NET 2022 Examination. 

Book NameAuthor/Publication
UGC NET English Literature

Arihant Experts

An Objective & Analytical Approach to English Literature for UGC NET-JRF 

Dr. Vivekanand Jha

Objective Approach to English Literature for NET, JRF 

K.K. Narayan, Pandey Om Prakash, Rahmat Jahan Ivan K. Masih and Neeraj Kumar 

Trueman's UGC NET English Literature 

B.P. Panigrahi

English for UGC-NET/JRF 

R.S. Malik 

English for UGC-NET 

Neeru Tandon 

A Concise History of Indian Literature in English

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Orient Blackswan

Literary Criticism: A Short History 

Wimsatt and Brooks 

A Glossary of Literary Terms 

M.H Abrams 

The Elements of Drama 

J.L Styan 

Highlights of these Books for UGC NET English

Let us tell you the key factors of these expert-curated UGC NET Book that makes them the perfect study material for UGC NET English Preparation. 

  • Each chapter is described in detail according to the latest and revised UGC NET Syllabus.
  • Objective questions and answers are provided at the end of each chapter for better understanding. 
  • The books also include the UGC NET English previous year's papers for analysis.
  • This book contains a syllabus-based theory of the UGC NET English Exam.
  • The book also includes content such as Booker Award Winners, Feminism Books, British Literature, Novels, Famous Poems, Famous Quotes and Experts, Indian Literature, Jnanpith Award Winners, Nobel Laureates in Literature, and more.
  • The language is easy to understand. 
  • This book is divided into several sections to help students better understand different topics.
  • The contents of the books are organized correctly. 
  • One of the unique features of this book is that it includes descriptive text as needed. The chapter
    has several boxes with additional information. 

How to Prepare with UGC NET English Books?

Without a proper plan and strategy, one can face problems in studying and analyzing one's performance. Check a few tips for the apt preparations for the UGC NET English with the right books. 

  • Go through the latest UGC NET English Syllabus. With thorough knowledge of the updated syllabus is very important for omitting important topics in your preparations.
  • Make an effective and sturdy UGC NET Study Plan. To help candidates we have provided a smooth and consistent study plan to ensure sure sort success.
  • Clear your basics first for the exam. The NET exam tests your basic subject so you need to work on basis of the each topic given in the syllabus.
  • Solve UGC NET Previous Year Papers to know the level of exam, type of questions asked, difficulty level, and more. Reading and studying books is not enough.
  • Take UGC NET Mock Tests from time to time to access your performance. It is important to check the performance after completing each topic.

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UGC NET English Books FAQs

  • The best books for Indian English History In UGC NET Exam. A Concise History of Indian Literature in English by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Orient Blackswan.

  • Effective study plan, Solving UGC NET English Previous Year's papers, Being aware of the complete syllabus, and Clearing doubts with your teachers are a few tips that the candidates applying for the exam can use to make their preparation smart and easy and prepare themselves to crack the UGC NET English exam.

  • Candidates can go for UGC NET English Literature by Arihant Experts, An Objective & Analytical Approach to English Literature for UGC NET-JRF by Dr. Vivekanand Jha, and English for UGC-NET by Neeru Tandon. These are the best UGC NET books for English subjects.

  • The candidates looking to buy books for the UGC NET English Preparation should consider Checking the Expiry Date, Choose Books from Notable Authors Only, Should check if the book has previous year's question papers, and should compare the contents of 2 3 books before finalizing the book. It must cover UGC NET English Syllabus


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