The highest transmission voltage in India is - (a) 765 kV (b) 400 kV (c) 220 kV (d) 132 kV

By Ritesh|Updated : November 1st, 2022

The highest transmission voltage in India is 765 kV. India's transmission voltage (highest) is 765 kV AC, and Power Grid Corporation constructs these lines for interstate connectivity across the country. In India, the maximum DC transmission voltage is 800kV. Due to conversion (AC/DC) and inversion (DC/AC) for bulk power transmission, this has limitations.

Transmission Voltage in India

  • A public limited company, wholly owned by the Government of India with a 51.34% stake in the business as of December 31, 2020.
  • The Power Grid Corporation of India Limited was established on October 23, 1989, under the Companies Act, 1956 with an authorised share capital of Rs. 5,000 crores (subsequently increased to Rs. 10,000 crores in Financial Year (FY) 2007-08).
  • It serves as the primary electric power transmission company for the nation.
  • The "National Power Transmission Corporation Limited," as it was originally known, was tasked with developing, implementing, owning, running, and maintaining the nation's high-voltage transmission networks.
  • Power Grid management began operating in August 1991, and in a phased manner, it acquired the transmission assets from NTPC, and NHPC.


The highest transmission voltage in India is - (a) 765 kV (b) 400 kV (c) 220 kV (d) 132 kV

In India, 765 kV is the maximum transmission voltage. Power Grid Corporation builds these lines for interstate communication throughout the entire nation. India's transmission voltage (highest) is 765 kV AC. The highest DC transmission voltage in India is 800kV. This is constrained by AC/DC conversion and DC/AC inversion for the transmission of bulk power.


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