How to Prepare for the PPSC 2021 Exam with NCERT Books? Know the Preparation Tips for Exam!

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

How to Prepare for the PPSC 2021 Exam with NCERT Books: Check here all the details on how NCERT books must be read in order to clear Punjab PCS(PPSC) in the first attempt!! A lecture for the same has been attached in which Himani Suri Mam will take you through the best strategy to cover the NCERT books for PPSC Exam 2021.

How to Prepare for the PPSC 2021 Exam with NCERT Books?

Why should We Study Books of NCERT?

  • The NCERT is an autonomous body under The Government of India and the Textbooks published by it are considered as the primary as well as the most credible source of information.
  • Hence, the study of these books is very useful for the preparation of all the Competitive Examinations.

How to prepare for the PPSC 2021 Exams with NCERT books?

  • By reading these books, the aspirant can familiarize himself/ herself with the fundamentals as well as basic concepts of different topics.

Importance of NCERT Books

  • The NCERT books are written in very simple language which is very important for better understanding.
  • These books are written and published by the reputed scholars of their respective subjects after devoting a great amount of time and effort in research and development.
  • The NCERT books are considered to be an authentic source of information, as the information, in these books, is obtained by the respective government agencies and prominent institutions.
  • All the information published in these books is correct as it gets rechecked many times before being sent for the readers.
  • The NCERT books are available both in Hindi Medium as well as in English Medium across the country in Rural and Urban areas and are accessible to all the sections of society. 

How to start with NCERT books for preparation?

  • One method is to read all the books class-wise starting from Class 6th and moving forward to higher classes.
  • The other method is to read the NCERT books subject wise like Social Sciences (Class 6th to 10th), History (Class 11th and 12th both Old and New NCERTs), Political Science (Class 11th and 12th), Geography (Class 11th and 12th), General Science (Class 6th to 10th) etc. 

How many books are expected to be studied?

  • There are expected around 30-40 books, combining all the subjects from Class 6th 12th, to be studied.

Expected Time for Study

  • All 30-40 books would take, in general, around 2-2.5 months to complete the reading along with making notes. 

Let’s start reading the NCERT books

  • First of all, make a suitable timetable (preferably month-wise) for yourself, which mentions the time required for reading NCERT books and other chores.
  • Break down the monthly timetable into weekly and then daily timetables. 

How to Prepare for the PPSC 2021 Exam with NCERT Books? Know the Preparation Tips for Exam!

Beginning of 1st Reading:

  • Just skip those content written in images along the sides or cartoon characters speaking.
  • Mark important points with a highlighter either in hard copy or in soft copy and also mark all difficult/new words as you read.
  • After the 1st reading is done, find the meanings of difficult/new words and note down them in a notebook.
  • Make separate sections for Economy, History, Geography etc and also leave some pages, so that you can further note.
  • Don’t do much research work on any particular subject or topic, just write down the crux and move ahead.
  • You can also solve the questions given at the end of each chapter like Fill in the blanks or match the column, which helps in tracking whether you remember or not.

2nd Reading:

  • Start it after a gap of 2-3 days of the 1st reading.
  • Before start reading, try to recollect the information that you have read earlier from that chapter, and revise it orally just like you are telling someone who is sitting in front of you.
  • Mark the important areas or underline the points which you feel are important.
  • Notedownthosewords that are still bothering you.
  • Once reading gets done, find the meanings of those words and note down them in the respective section and revise them on regular basis.
  • After reading all the NCERT books of that particular standard, if you feel that you know their content very well, you do not need for 3rd reading. But if you want to read it once more (specific topics), you can go for it. 

3rd Reading:

  • Start it after a gap of 2-4 days after the 2nd reading.
  • In this reading, devote less time and make a quick reading, as you have already read the books twice. This will improve your reading skill, which will help you in the Reading Comprehension section.
  • Underline, if you find some new important content.
  • This time you may also read those content written in images along the sides or cartoon characters speaking, that you had ignored in previous readings. 

What to do after NCERT book reading?

  • Attempt the NCERT-based mock test papers.
  • If you answer any question incorrectly, analyze it and find the mistake and its reason
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