How to Prepare Polity for UPSC IAS prelims in 45 days

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023


Polity is a subject in which, many a time, very straight forward questions are asked, which if you know are very easy to solve. Since competition is very tough and every single mark counts, in this scenario one cannot afford to leave or mark wrong any easy question from polity. So, to get hold of all the concepts of Polity and that too in a limited time, we are providing a strategy.

Recent trend of Questions:

In UPSC IAS prelims exam, the number of questions coming from polity has decreased in recent times. In last 4 years i.e. 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 there were 18, 11, 12 and 6 questions respectively from polity portion.

Though the number of questions being asked in recent years are few, but one can never be certain of UPSC, any year they can increase the number of questions from polity portion. Moreover, even solving these fewer questions requires one to read the whole polity portion.

What to read?

For basic concepts, Aspirants can follow a text book. Though there are many in the market, but one can choose Lakshmikant. Stick to that book only which you choose.

Apart from that one must regularly read newspapers. Find out the polity issues in newspaper and read them thoroughly.

After that Aspirants should try to link what they read in newspaper with the text book. For example, if in newspaper, there is a news about Election of President, then one should read about the process of election of President of India from the text book.

How to Read?

Ideally aspirants should the read the text book completely. But since the time left is barely 45 days, it is better to go for a selective reading of the book. It will ensure that one is able to cover important topics thoroughly and revise them properly.

So those aspirants who have already covered significant portions of the book can read the whole book, while others who are starting now, should first read the important topics mentioned below then proceed further.

Those topics which are easy to understand and have high probability of question being asked from should be covered thoroughly first. Because one cannot afford to miss an easy question in the exam. If the question is tough than it will be tough for everyone, so it can be left but not the easy ones.

Attentive reading:

In polity it is required that, aspirants should read the topic very attentively. Sometimes even very minor detail can be asked, so even minor detail should be read with due care.


After covering the whole syllabus, revise the content regularly. Create  short notes (synopsis). This will help in quick revision before the exam. It will not only save the time but also help in better remembering of the content.

Important Topics:

Though whole polity portion is important, but there are some areas from which there is a very high probability of questions being asked. They are mentioned below:

  • Acts:
    • Indian Council Act of 1861 and 1891, Morley Minto Reforms Act, Montague Chelmsford Act, Government of India Act 1935, Independence Act 1947.
  • Constituent Assembly and Making of Constitution:
    • Several Committee and Sub-committee of Constitution making.
    • Composition
    • Features imported from other constitution.
  • Special features of Indian Constitution.
  • Emergency provisions.
  • Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP)
  • Parliament, Parliamentary committees, Passing of Budget, Role of Rajya Sabha in passing Bills, Various types of motions.
  • President – Elections, tenure, powers, removal.
  • Judiciary – jurisdiction of Supreme court and High court, appointment and removal of judges
  • Governor, Legislative Assembly
  • Election Commission of India, CAG, UPSC
  • Schedules of Constitution.
  • PESA and 5th and 6th schedule areas.
  • Basic idea about recent constitutional amendment bills/ Acts.
  • One should also be aware broadly about the recent laid Bills/ passed acts in the parliament.
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