Indian Army 10+2 TES 47 Selection Process 2022: Interview, Medical Test

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Check out the Indian Army 10+2 TES 47 Selection Process for the candidates appearing in the 47th Technical Entry Scheme 2022 exam. Know all the selection stages of TES selection criteria for complete clarity of the recruitment.
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Indian Army 10+2 TES 47 Selection Process 2022: Candidates applying for the 47th Technical Entry Scheme 2022 exam must know the stages of TES selection criteria. The officials of the Indian Army have divided the 10+2 TES Selection procedure into two different stages. Check out the detailed Indian Army 10+2 TES selection process to gain clarity on the recruitment stages.

Indian Army 10+2 TES 47 Selection Process 2022

The Technical Entry Scheme 47 Notification 2022 has been issued by the Indian Army for the course starting from April 2022. Candidates can apply for the examination from January-February 2022 by visiting the official website

The Indian Army has introduced a minor change in the TES Course from the TES 47 onwards by making JEE Main Exam compulsory for appearing in the Indian Army 10+2 TES 47 Selection Process 2022. All candidates interested wanting to join the Indian Army TES 47 must thoroughly understand the TES 47 Recruitment Process 2022.

A total of 90 vacancies have been announced for TES 47. Below you will find all details regarding the Important phases of the TES 47 Selection Process 2022. They will help you understand, prepare well and also assess your chances of selection.

Important Phases of TES 47 Selection Process 2022

The TES 47 Selection Process 2022 consists of a three-stage selection procedure wherein clearing all three stages is a must. In the sections below, all important phases of the TES 47 Recruitment Process, 2022, have been elaborated for your understanding.

  • Shortlisting
  • SSB Interview
  • Medical Examination

Indian Army 10+2 TES 47 Shortlisting 2022

The first stage of TES 47 Selection Process 2022 is TES 47 Shortlisting 2022.  According to the cut off percentage previously decided, applicants get shortlisted. The rights of shortlisting are purely reserved by the Integrated HQ of MoD (Army).

The shortlisted candidates get intimated with their centre allotment through an SMS or email id (already registered). Thereafter, candidates need to log in to the website to choose SSB dates on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, the authorized person of the Indian Army holds the full right to change these dates and time basis availability and as deemed fit. 

Indian Army 10+2 TES 47 SSB Interview 2022

TES 47 SSB Interview is stage II of the Indian Army 10+2 TES 47 Selection Process 2022 organized only for the shortlisted applicants. However, candidates select their SSB Selection Centre from the list like Bengaluru (Karnataka), i.e., Allahabad (UP), Kapurthala (Punjab) or Bhopal (MP).

The respective Selection Centres send the call-up letter for the SSB Interview via registered email ID and SMS of candidates. It is essential to note that the Allotment of Selection Centre depends on the decision of the Directorate General of Recruiting.

Changes shall not be entertained. TES 47 SSB Interview 2022 shall be conducted for a period of 5 days. This is the most challenging TES 47 selection stage. The details of the tests conducted at each stage of the Interview have been given hereunder. 

Stage 1: SSB Interview Screening: At this stage, the potential of the candidate is evaluated based on two tests:

  • PPDT
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Test

Stage 2: SSB Interview Psychological Test: At this stage of the TES 47 SSB Interview, candidates have to undergo multiple Psychological tests designed to assess their mental capabilities. They are as follows. 

  • Self-Description Test (SD) 
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).

Stage 3: SSB Interview GTO: This stage of TES 47 Interview involves 9 tasks listed below devised to evaluate a candidate’s physical strength, mental strength and ability to work in a team.

  • GD (Group Discussion)
  • GPE (Group Planning Exercise)
  • PGT (Progressive Group Task activity)
  • HGT (Half Group Task)
  • IOT (Individual Obstacles Task)
  • Command Task
  • Snake race/Group Obstacle Race:
  • Individual Lecturette
  • FGT (Final Group Task)

Stage 4: SSB Personal Interview: This stage involves the candidate’s evaluation based on various parameters such as general knowledge, communication skills, alertness, body language, personality traits, emotional quotient, and other significant criteria. This stage of the TES 47 Selection Process 2022 shall be a tough nut to crack. 

Stage 5: SSB Interview Conference: This is the last round of the SSB Interview stage. This round is used to cross-check if the candidate fits all parameters for selection.

Indian Army 10+2 TES 47 Medical Examination 2022

Following the SSB Interview, the Medical examination is the next stage of the TES 47 Selection Process 2022. The candidates clearing the SSB Interview will be eligible for the medical test.  Under the independent supervision board of doctors, candidates will be undergoing an Indian Army 10+2 TES 47 Medical Examination 2022. The candidates will have to stay in any of one of the military hospitals during their medical test. Medically unfit candidates shall not be taken further. In the case of found ‘unfit in the medical examination of TES 47 Selection Process 2022, the candidates shall be rejected on medical grounds. 

Only the candidates who are medically fit as per the Indian Army’s prescribed standards are selected. There is no role of the Directorate General of Recruiting in any Medical Boards. The words of the Competent Medical Authorities will be final. Indian Army selects a team of medical officers to conduct comprehensive medical examinations of candidates chosen to rule out any diseases and deformities as per the Indian Army Guidelines.

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