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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Indian Army Tips to Prepare for TES Exam: Shortlisting, SSB Interview, and Medical Examination are the three phases of the TES 46 Selection Process. Candidates who earned at least 70% in aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in class 12 are eligible. JEE Mains has become an essential requirement for getting picked for TES 46 2021 entrance, according to a recent notification announcing TES 46 Eligibility Criteria.

It is required that you should know the preparation strategy for the SSB interview after applying for the Indian Army TES entry. SSB for Technical Entry Scheme for the Indian army is a stage that you must complete regardless of whether or not you succeed. Understand the task, identify your resources or gather them as quickly as possible, start the clock and set a deadline, thoroughly understand the plan and, if in doubt, ask, run through your action plan, and chase the goal like a madman. You don’t have any other choice but to achieve your goal, as failing to do so will put you six months behind schedule.

Preparation Strategy of SSB Interview for TES Indian Army

Make a timetable:

Creating a timetable will help you be more efficient and save time. Incorporate physical activities into your daily routine. Individual obstacles and snake race will benefit from it.

Be a good reader:

It’s great if you can read the newspaper every day, but even if you can’t, you should at least be aware of what’s going on.

Psychology is key:

PPDT is the most essential parameter in psychological testing. It’s critical to write a sensible, practical, and concise story that adheres to the DSO’s basic elements. The psychological tests are conducted on the second day of the five-day testing schedule that takes place during the SSB. These particular tests are based on a very scientific approach of evaluating the qualities of a candidate, at his or her subconscious level as well as the non-conscious state of mind. The main aim of these tests is to evaluate the potential of an aspirant in terms of qualities and also personality traits that are desired in the potential officer candidate. Therefore, the candidate is not able to hide his genuine feelings and the psychologist is also able to read the real personality of the aspirant while he or she gives his or her responses in terms of feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT):

TAT preparation is simple and clear. Simply grab a pen, a notebook, and a stopwatch (a stopwatch on your phone will be enough) and head to your terrace, where you can observe people engaged in various activities. Simply take down their age and mood, and try to piece together a story. When you travel, you can bring the book and pen with you. Then see if you can write the story in under three and a half minutes. Then examine your own story to see if it meets the following criteria:

Whether or not the story is uplifting, whether or not the hero you choose is the same age and gender as you, if the story is divided into three parts, such as past, present, and future, the story’s acceptability and naturalness, whether or not the story is connected to the image displayed.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT):

This is the most important SSB test because you may have to take it even during your interview. Please do not write any solution that is beyond your age, financial situation, or physical strength. If you are a karate master, for example, you can bash the criminals and save the victim. If you’re not a karate master, however, adjust your reaction accordingly. Please keep your reactions natural and put yourself in the situation to get your reaction. Basic common sense is required for the preparation. You might read something like this while reading the newspaper or watching the news on TV: An accident occurred, many people were injured. If you read a situation like this, imagine yourself in it and consider how you would react.

Word Association Test (WAT):

This will take a lot of practice, and you can get the words from SSBCrack. Then have someone show you each word for 15 seconds, or use MS Powerpoint Slide Show to do it yourself. Make sure your sentence is free of words like I, me, should, and could. You may use them if necessary. Your reaction should be natural, and you should write the first thought that comes to mind.

Self-Description Test (SDT):

This test allows the Psychologist to determine the Candidate’s ability to self-analyze. The procedure is extremely straightforward. Observe what your friends, teachers, superiors (in the case of serving or working candidates), and parents say about you, or ask them directly. Also, consider your life goals and how you see yourself. Your opinions should never be in opposition to those of your parents or teachers. Then rewrite it several times to pick out the important points and discard the ones that aren’t. It also aids in the management of time.

Practice story narration & lecturette:

Story narration is an important part of the screening process. Practice this a few times to ensure that you can deliver your story with confidence and clarity of thought. Maintain eye contact, body language, and facial expressions with the group.

Interview Preparation:

To give the SSB interview, candidates need to understand the psyche as well as requirements of the interviewer, and also to think by keeping themselves in the place of an interviewer. You require to think hard on the particular aspects as well as the expectations that the interviewer is expecting from you and also how well you are prepared to take this particular challenge. In order to think like the interviewer, the candidate should make oneself aware of the job profile and also the requirements for which he or she going to be interviewed and what type of people find the eligibility in that respective line of work. It is also important that one must aware of his personality as well as inner nature and with that of people near you and also such as your family and friends.

GTO Preparation:

There are some specific rules & instructions that must be kept in your mind at the time of performing these tasks and after this, you will come out as a leader automatically. It is more critical to speak less but at the same time speaking well in Group discussions. Every time you talk or speak, you should give the Group Discussion a direction. The strategy to all the tasks in Group Testing Officer testing is different and evolving a core strategy for all of them while distinct small approaches to form on the nature of the task will intensify your performance for better. Begin running and also doing some core exercise. It will definitely help you in all your aspects of life. Meditation will also be quite helpful. Run-on a day-to-day basis, start by running just only 1 km per day along with exercising and then gradually increase it. Your stamina will get raise day by day.

Final preparation:

One week before the SSB, practice psychology tests by considering the time. Revise all your current affairs as well as psych notes. Also, revise your interview answers. Also get your psychology assessment done by some good DIPR trained assessor, if possible. For the physical tasks remember one thing after you get fatigued, your stamina gets runs out after that it is the examination of your will. So make it count. At the time of practice do not try to attain perfection rather work on the progress.

Your attitude for the SSB matters:

The first and the foremost thing you require to work on is that – candidate needs to believe in yourself, believe in yourself in a true manner. Because if one is not able to do that then there is no way the selection board will go to think otherwise. Go with the attitude or viewpoint of if not me then who? You require to remember that if you keep thinking about what to read and write and how you will be evaluated then your mind will not be free at all and you will not be able to think distinctly, which will then result in the time lag in your performance during the interview.

Work on your English:

You require to understand that the good English in SSB is not to impress the selection panel rather it is used to make sure that you are able to put your point with fluency and clarity. Everyone wants to be heard as well as to impress the selecting officer who is overseeing the Group Discussion’s, etc. but remember that you need to be empathetic to the other people and their views.

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