What is the SI Unit of G-the Universal Gravitation Constant?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The University Gravitation Constant is a force that acts between two bodies of Unit Mass. It is denoted as G, and the SI Unit of the Universal Gravitation Constant is Nm2/kg2.

According to Newton’s Law, If the distance between two objects with a unit mass is one unit, then their mutual attraction force is called a gravitational constant. The gravitational constant is a practical physical constant required to measure the force of gravitational attraction between two objects.

What is Gravitational Constant?

As per the law of gravitational force, the attractive force (F) between two objects is proportional to their mass (m1 and m2), and the distance between them (r) is proportional to the square. Mathematically,

Here, the proportionality constant G is- the gravitational constant – F=Gm1​m2/r2​​

The gravitational constant is the numerical value of the force by which two objects of unit mass attract each other from a unit distance. The value of the gravitational constant does not depend on the mass of the object, the nature of the medium, or the material. This is derived from Newton’s law of gravity and Einstein’s law of general relativity.

The value of the gravitational constant or the value of G – 6.6743 * 10-11 Nm2 kg2.

Facts About Gravitational Constant (G)

Here are some quick facts about the Gravitational Constant, which are important to know while studying this topic.

  • The SI Unit of Gravitational Constant is Nm2 kg2.
  • The CGS system Unit of Universal Gravitation Constant is Dyn-cm2 gm2.
  • G is the symbol of the gravitational constant.
  • The dimension of G is – [M-1T-2L3]
  • The gravitational constant is a scalar quantity.


What is the SI unit of G-the Universal Gravitation Constant?

The SI Unit of the Universal Gravitation Constant is Nm2 kg-2. It is the universal unit to measure the gravitational constant. Scientists across the globe use the SI unit for measurement.

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