Education is considered as a Sub-System of Social-System because

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Education is an important sub-system of the social system, and both are interconnected. The only way to build an educated, disciplined, healthy, and prosperous community is through the educational system. One can not imagine a healthy society with uneducated people. Similarly, we can not create systems to educate people without a systematic society. Several schools, colleges, and other educational institutions in society provide education. In society, education is mandatory to learn how to speak, behave, organize, etc. The transfer of skills and information from one person to another is made possible through education.

Education as Sub System of Social System

The social system includes education as a significant component. It impacts other social systems and has a well-defined structure and sets of functions. The term “social system” refers to the actual association and educational process when it is examined as a discernible unit from other sectors of society. Because persons involved in education also carry the symbols and orientations that identify them as members of various social groups, education cannot be divorced from its social context. The transfer of skills and information from one person to another is made possible through education.

When young ones are born into society, it gets fixed that they will be the future leaders of society. Education prepares them for the future by developing the skills to live in society. According to Clark, “ the education system helps to bear on the society’s economy, political organization, social stratification, culture, and social integration. Undoubtedly, Education is a social sub-system that brings positive social changes.

Education System of Indian Society

The education system of Indian Society is dedicated to developing science and technology, and it increased the economy exponentially. From the beginning, after the independence of India, education is mostly focused on developing technology and innovation. When it comes to spending the education budget, most of it is spent on teachers’ salaries, student scholarships, and science experiments.

Characteristics of Education as Sub System

Following are the characteristics of education as a sub-system

  • Education is a strong way to create a healthy society.
  • The education system takes the people to create a disciplined society where.
  • All the needs related to education can be fulfilled only in the educational institutions created in society.
  • Education develops respect towards values, culture, and other effective things.
  • Educated people can take society in the desired direction.


Education is considered as a Sub-System of Social-System because

Education is considered a sub-system of social-system because the education system is the only way to create a disciplined, educated, prosperous, and healthy society. Several societal institutions make one responsible for running and developing the world. Also, it develops the skill to communicate with other regions, castes, and cultural people. Within the larger social system, education is a subsystem. Education boards, institutions, colleges, and schools are a few of these systems.

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