Simplification & Approximation Questions PDF for SBI PO & LIC AAO Exam, Download Here

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : November 15th, 2021

Simplification/Approximation Questions: In this article, we are sharing with you the 60 most important questions of Simplification and Approximation for the SBI PO & LIC AAO exam.


All the questions are provided with detailed English and Hindi language solutions to help you prepare for the upcoming Insurance & Banking exams.

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We usually see 5 questions of Simplification and Approximation in almost every banking exam. This is the most important and easy topic which can fetch you good marks. Practicing these topics will also increase your calculation speed. 

Importance of Simplification & Approximation?

Simplification & Approximation is significant topic in Quantitative Aptitude for banking candidates because approximately 5-7 questions are asked from this topic alone, with up to 10 at the clerical level. This topic is simple, which is why students tend to perform the least amount of practice on it. As a result, they have slowed down and are unable to perform well in the quantitative aptitude section of the main exam. This topic is regarded as the backbone of the Quantitative Aptitude portion because calculations are required in practically all areas, and the prelims are all about faster calculations.

What Is Simplification?

Simplification is the process of breaking down and solving a complicated computation into smaller units.

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How to Solve Simplification & Approximation?

Simplification and Approximation is a more calculation-based topic that can help you achieve the highest points in the quant section. To deal with this topic well, you must be an expert at calculation because it is the only thing you must do while answering questions from this topic.

  • Some may be perplexed as to how some people can solve the most difficult of these problems in minutes while others struggle to solve the most basic. But that's just a way of thinking.
  • When the questions are regularly practiced by someone who is genuinely interested in improving, the approach to this topic can be made easier. Here are some pointers on how to answer questions about simplification and approximation quickly.
  • Solve at least 10-20 questions per day, and attempt to accomplish the majority of your daily computations by yourself. You can look at large-number Cricket Scores and try to perform averages, subtractions, multiplications, and so on. The best way to improve your calculation is to do as much practice as possible.
  • The more you practice, the more proficient you will become. Occasionally, the candidate will be able to identify a correlation in some computations, notice a pattern, and come up with a few tips and tactics to solve the problem on his own.

You can learn several tricks to tackle questions on simplification and approximation, and Vedic Math has a technique or trick that can assist applicants to save time during the examination.

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Some of the Simplification & Approximation Questions from PDF

1. Direction: What approximate value should come in place of a question mark (?) in the following questions? (Note: you are not expected to calculate the exact value.)
(89)2 + ? % of 560.30 + (14.99)2= 95.45*286

  • A. 7255
  • B. 1175
  • C. 3397
  • D. 2050
  • E. 6475

2. Direction: What approximate value should come in place of a question mark (?) in the following equations?

  • A. 2650
  • B. 2550
  • C. 2450
  • D. 2350
  • E. 2250

3. Direction: What approximate value should come in place of a question mark (?) in the following equations?
45.145 + 13.92 × 15.05 + 148.08 ÷ 3.97 =?

  • A. 210
  • B. 250
  • C. 290
  • D. 320
  • E. 350

You can download Approximation & Simplification questions PDF for SBI PO & LIC AAO 2021 through the link mentioned below.

Simplification & Approximation Questions for SBI PO/LIC AAO (Eng), Download PDF! 

Simplification & Approximation Questions for SBI PO/LIC AAO(Hindi), Download PDF! 

All the above questions are formulated as per the level of the SBI PO and LIC AAO exams. The difficulty level of the questions varies from moderate to hard. All the candidates who are preparing for banking exams are advised to practice these important questions. 

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  • The candidates must practice the major topic which is Simplification and approximation to score well in the SBI PO & LIC AAO 2021 Exams.

  • The candidates can download the free English PDF of Simplification & approximation for SBI PO & LIC AAO 2021 exams.

  • Yes, you can download the free Hindi PDF of Simplification/Approximation for SBI PO & LIC AAO 2021 Exams.

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