CLAT Study Plan: Get Expert’s Tips and Make a Timetable Now to Crack CLAT 2024

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: December 14th, 2023
CLAT Study Plan 2024 as per expert's recommendation: Get here CLAT 2024 Study Plan for 1 month for B.A. LL.B & LL.M exam. Note the important instructions for CLAT Study Plan.
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CLAT Study Plan will help you plan your preparation in a systematic manner. Candidates who wish to take the upcoming exam must plan ahead and refer to the CLAT 2024 Study Plan below. BYJU’S Exam Prep Experts have curated a meticulous timetable for CLAT preparation. Here, we have provided a 2-months, 1-month, and section-wise CLAT Study Plan to help the applicants cover the entire syllabus on time and score well in the final exam. Check out an easy CLAT 2024 Study plan from the toppers and crack the exam with a good score.

CLAT Study Plan

Candidates preparing for the upcoming exam must refer to the given timetable for CLAT Preparation. CLAT Study Plan is specially designed to help you prepare for the exam in a systematic manner. The CLAT Study Plan is 30 days long and covers all the aspects of exam preparation along with all the sections. Prepare each topic in a comprehensive manner and then utilise quiz, practice set and CLAT Mock Test for revision.

Note the below points, which will help you to make your CLAT Study Plan better for the upcoming exam

  • First of all the candidates must check the updated version of the CLAT Exam Pattern. It will help them to note if there are any changes in the Paper Pattern of CLAT.
  • Additionally, knowing the syllabus will let you know CLAT Important Topics so that you can plan accordingly to cover each of the topics of the exam.

CLAT Exam Section

Number of Questions

CLAT Total Marks


English Language




Current Affairs, including General Knowledge




Legal Reasoning




Logical Reasoning




Quantitative Techniques








Section-wise CLAT Study Plan for Beginners

Note the below section to get an idea of the section-wise CLAT 2024 Study Plan to complete the syllabus on time. There are 5 sections in CLAT Exam, and it is important to make a chapter-wise study plan for each of the exam sections.

CLAT Study Plan for English Language

The difficulty level of passage will pertain to the general understanding of a class 12th student. Normally the passage (450 words) based questions are asked in this section.

  • Language skills and Comprehension
  • Drawing an inference from the given passage
  • Identify the core issues on which the passage is based

Below are some expert plans to study the CLAT English Language section that you can follow during your preparation. Check CLAT Eligibility Criteria to avoid the last-minute cancellation of the application.

  • Fixed a schedule for daily 2-hour preparation
  • Try to cover 2-3 topics in one day
  • Attempt chapter-wise questions regularly

CLAT Study Plan 2024 for Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

This particular section will also contain a passage of around 450 words. All these passages will contain information from news and non-fiction, not particularly based on the legal domain, as prior knowledge of the law is not tested in CLAT. The candidates will face questions on the below-mentioned topics:

  • Modern History (1600-1947)
  • Art and Culture (India)
  • Contemporary International Relations/Affairs
  • Current Affairs of national and international importance

There is no defined syllabus for this section, so try to maintain the below CLAT Study Plan for this section.

  • Approx 1-1:30 hours of daily study
  • Read the newspaper daily and stay up to date with the current events
  • Make notes for all the important events (For both national and international news)
  • Attempt mock tests atleast twice in a week to analyze your preparation level.

Study Plan for CLAT for Legal Reasoning

It is the core of the question paper. One needs to excel in reading and comprehension to attempt the paper holistically. The knowledge regarding fundamental legal principles enshrined in the constitution can vastly enhance the chance of an applicant in securing good marks in the CLAT. Legal awareness of an applicant helps him/her in understanding the background of the questions as CLAT now focuses more on comprehension and drawing relevancy along with inferences from a given passage/circumstance.

Below are some important tips for covering Legal Reasoning for CLAT.

  • Complete around 3-4 topics each day
  • Invest 2 hours of time daily in your CLAT Study Plan for this section
  • Make chapter-wise revisions daily to gain a good grasp

CLAT Study Plan for Logical Reasoning

This section analyzes the basics of the applicants’ critical aspects by assigning 9-10 passages with a total of around 29-30 questions. Puzzles, Circular Arrangements, Syllogism, and Inequality determine the maximum chunk of questions in this section. You need to practice a lot to be acquainted with the questions that are asked to solve them in less time.

  • A daily investment of 2 hours must be included in your CLAT Study Plan to complete this section. Additionally, you can follow the below plan:
  • Make important notes
  • Read the concepts first, then solve the questions
  • Solve CLAT Sample Paper lots of times to increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Only through guidance and practice, one can master the art of solving logical reasoning questions as it is set on a definite pattern.

CLAT 2024 Study Plan for Quantitative Techniques

This particular section deals with examining the basic arithmetic of the candidates by assigning 5-6 passages to interpret the data given thereto with a total of 15 – 17 questions. Graphical representation or passage follows a set of questions derived from that particular data to test the analytical ability of the candidates. Percentages, Ratios, Averages, Profit & Loss, along with time & work, determine the maximum chunk of questions in this section.

The questions will be elementary which is up to the level of 10th standard, and there is no need to further dive into the secondary stage of mathematics that is there in the syllabus of classes XI & XII. Below is some CLAT Study Plan that you can follow to complete this section

  • Make notes of all the important formulas.
  • Solve CLAT Previous Year Question Paper to understand the questions’ trends and difficulty level
  • Invest 3 hours daily to prepare this section.
  • Revise the formulas or the important chapters in your free time.

CLAT Study Plan for 2 Months

It is always recommended to start CLAT Preparation as early as possible because the syllabus is huge. So it is not always possible for all the candidates to grab the CLAT syllabus instantly, especially the current affairs and GK sections. But if you are desperate to prepare for CLAT in 2 months, then the only need for you is complete dedication, proper time management, and practice. Note the section below to get an expert-recommended 2-month CLAT Study Plan, which you can follow during preparation.

CLAT Study Plan for First Month

It is the time when the candidates should be focused on completing the syllabus as per the latest exam pattern. Candidates should ideally commit to 7-8 hours every day to study all the important chapters and topics covered in the past years’ question papers and the syllabus. Below are some points that you should keep in mind while making CLAT Study Plan for the first month.

  • Start with easier topics first. Then gradually move towards the tougher topics. Accordingly, solve chapter-wise questions to check your preparation level.
  • Focus on preparing at least 4 sections a day. Additionally, you must allot time for chapters as per your potential.
  • Invest 2 hours for each CLAT section daily to prepare the best.

CLAT Study Plan 2024 for Second Month

This is the time when the candidates must involve in regular practising the questions and sample papers. Practice as much as possible to increase your confidence level in solving the question papers and accuracy. Below are some CLAT Study Plan, that you can include during your preparation.

  • Follow the time limit and try to complete the question papers within that stipulated time. It will help you to attain your speed.
  • Analyze your performance well. It is important so that you cannot repeat the same mistakes again and again.
  • Focus on the weak areas more, but do not neglect your strong points also.

How To Clear CLAT in 1 Month?

For the accomplishment of any mission, the prime ingredients are- a smart CLAT Study Plan and the proper resources required to effectively and efficiently execute that plan.

Your ‘kit of resources’ for accomplishing your mission of cracking CLAT may vary, depending upon your personal choices and capabilities, but some pervasive resources that each one of you must have in your kitbag for the CLAT Exam Study Plan are:

  • A smartly drafted timetable for CLAT Preparation: Clearing a competitive exam without having a proper timetable or CLAT Study Plan is just a wish. So, the utmost requirement for achieving your goal of being an NLU student and thus cracking CLAT should be the creation of a carefully drafted study plan. The timetable for CLAT 2024 Study Plan should have the following details:
  • Essential information regarding your CLAT Syllabus
  • How the syllabus should be covered up in the allotted time;
  • Methodology to study;
  • What to do and not to do;
  • Details of your strengths and weaknesses etc.
  • You can also attend CLAT Quizzes to check your preparation level.

Highlights of CLAT Study Plan 2024 for PG

Here we have presented a small table for CLAT Study Plan for PG Exam. The candidates appearing in the LLM exam must note this to ace a good CLAT Result.

Parameters of CLAT Preparation


Overall Study Time

8-10 Hours/Day

Time to invest in Constitutional Law

3-5 Hours/Day

Time for other CLAT Subjects

4-6 Hours/Day

Mock Test

2 CLAT Mock Test/Day

CLAT Sample Paper

1 Paper/Day

CLAT 2024 Study Plan by Toppers

Following is the CLAT study plan recommended by toppers. The candidates can follow these below-mentioned study plans for CLAT 2024 from the toppers to concentrate during their preparation and understand the requirements to score easily.

  • Read the newspaper daily till the end of the exam. It will help them to stay updated with current events.
  • Allot 1.5 to 2 hours daily for preparing the quantitative aptitude section. Note down all the formulas in a notebook. Utilize your free time in revising those formulas.
  • Try to attempt at least 2 mocks every 4-5 days. After each mock test, spend 1 hour to evaluate your performance.
  • Revision is extremely important, and you must not skip it at any cost.
  • Solve questions from analytical and legal reasoning and grammar from other law entrance exams such as LSAT, AILET, SLAT, etc.
  • Solve 20 critical reasoning questions and 3 reading comprehension every day.

Important Dos and Donts in CLAT Study Plan

The candidates preparing for the upcoming exam must be well prepared and well versed with the Dos and Donts of CLAT Exam. Common Law Admission Test CLAT is a national-Level Law Entrance Exam. The candidates should check CLAT Analysis to know the question trends and their difficulty level. Note the below points for what you must do and must not do while preparing for CLAT.



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Choose a good newspaper, and read it daily. Also, make short notes of important topics for your CLAT Study Plan.

Make a separate notebook for each section.

Don’t spend the whole day reading only one subject, change your topics at regular intervals to eliminate boredom.

The CLAT Syllabus has no exact boundary, so try to study as much as you can.

Maintain a work-life balance with proper sleep and proper food.

Create a rigid timetable for CLAT Study Plan and stick to it.

Don’t underestimate CLAT. Thinking that it is too easy will ruin your prospects of getting admission to an NLU.

Don’t think that your fluency in English communication will help you in any way in clearing CLAT.

Don’t rely on last-minute revision.

Do not ignore any section.

Don’t try to solve each and every question.

Don’t create any extra notes during the last week of examination and revise only the previously made notes as per your CLAT Study Plan.

Instructions for CLAT Study Plan

The candidate’s CLAT Exam Study Plan depends on the number of days left for the exam. You must be focused on your strengths and weaknesses and allocate time for each of the chapters of CLAT 2024. Here are some tips that you can follow in your CLAT Study Plan 2024.

  • Know the CLAT Subject categories, including topics covered and section-wise weightage. Check all the details for CLAT Answer Key.
  • Read newspapers daily to be updated with the current happenings.
  • Be aware of recent Legal Amendments, updates and developments.
  • Read recent legal cases and map your understanding.
  • Attempts CLAT 2024 Mock Tests and comprehension exercises to increase your speed, efficiency and accuracy. Go through the previous year’s CLAT Cut Off.

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