CLAT Preparation: Section-Wise Expert’s Tips & Books to Prepare for CLAT 2024

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: December 14th, 2023
Check section-wise CLAT Preparation here. Get answers to your queries regarding How to Prepare for CLAT 2024. Know the important topics to be studied during CLAT Preparation.
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CLAT Preparation is all about practice, solving sample papers and theoretical study. Besides these 3, there are no other combinations for doing CLAT Preparation 2024. How to Prepare for CLAT is the most common question that every candidate who wants to join NLUs to study law in different UG and PG courses. CLAT is one of the most competitive law exams in India; thereby, it is extremely important for all aspiring candidates to start CLAT Preparation as earliest.

Remember one thing, your CLAT Preparation 2024 should include dedication, hard work and proper time management. Starting the Preparation for CLAT 2024 in advance will give the candidate an edge over the rest. CLAT Preparation tips contain some of the best ways for candidates seeking a law degree from top NLUs in India. Here, you will get all the details regarding How to Prepare for CLAT 2024, along with section-wise preparation tips and strategy.

CLAT Preparation 2024

First of All, the candidates must understand the CLAT exam pattern, syllabus and other important topics to begin CLAT Preparation in an organised way. As per the trends, CLAT 2024 is going to be held in December 2023, so you have enough time to prepare for CLAT in a strategic and structured way. It’s now time to dissect the CLAT Previous Year Question Paper and extract strategies from it. An idle tutor must assist the students with cruising through this sea of the CLAT Syllabus, which is a definitive finish for your entire CLAT Preparation.

Below are some basic tips for completing the syllabus and all the important topics for CLAT.

  • Try to solve the question paper to apprehend the exam well.
  • Analyze your strengths and shortcomings and commit yourself to CLAT Preparation.
  • Make a CLAT Study Plan and divide the time of every section of the exam.
  • Understand CLAT Exam Pattern and syllabus. Go through the table below to get an overview of section-wise time allotment for the CLAT exam section.


Number of questions

Total marks


English Language




Current Affairs, including General Knowledge




Legal Reasoning




Logical Reasoning




Quantitative Techniques








☛ Go through the CLAT Eligibility very carefully before applying for the exam.

How to Prepare for CLAT?

In order to start CLAT Preparation in a scheduled way, the candidates must have comprehensive techniques for every section. It is not sufficient to know just the syllabus, but conceptual clarity for every section is highly valued for clearing CLAT Cut Off. To get your question regarding How to Prepare for CLAT 2024, you can refer to the section-wise CLAT Preparation Tips.

CLAT Preparation for Current Affairs, including GK

As per the benchmark created by the NLU in the previous year’s CLAT in terms of the difficulty level, we cannot say that only the exam pattern has changed, but the concept of asking questions is also drastically changed. Here are a few tips for CLAT Preparation for GK and current affairs questions.

  • The GK section in CLAT is analytical; one needs to dive deeply into the depth of the particular news for doing CLAT Preparation for this section. The candidates must study national and international issues for preparing for the CLAT GK section. Know How to Prepare for CLAT Current Affairs?
  • You can prepare for CLAT 2024 for the Current Affairs section from several online resources. At BYJU’s Exam Prep, you can read Daily Current Affairs for Law Entrance Exams which will help you comprehensively cover important current affairs topics.

CLAT Preparation Tips for Legal Reasoning

As per the Analysis, the Legal Reasoning Questions for CLAT are based on real-life issues or scenarios, which may or may not be connected to legal circumstances, public policy, and philosophical questions. However, prior legal experience is not mandatory for CLAT Preparation for this section. The candidate will profit from having a comprehensive knowledge of current moral and legal concerns. You can follow the below CLAT Preparation tips for the Legal Reasoning section.

  • The candidates should regularly track all the latest legal happening, important judgments, etc.
  • Newspapers and some good legal blogs would be particularly handy for the CLAT Preparation, and they would also help you increase your reading speed.
  • For Legal Aptitude for CLAT, we will suggest you solve the previous year’s question papers since it is found that, at times, questions are repeated.
  • For Legal Maxims and terminology, you can additionally refer to online resources, which will be enough for the CLAT Preparation 2024.

How to Prepare for CLAT Quantitative Techniques?

Here, we have discussed the CLAT Preparation tips for the Quantitative Technique section. First of all, the candidates must understand the nature of the questions asked in the CLAT in this section in the last year.

  • Questions in the QT section were easy to moderate if one has a good understanding of the basic Mathematical concepts including Ratio & Proportion, Area & Volume concept, basic geometrical figures, and their formulas; one can easily attempt all questions. The candidates must check all the details for CLAT Important Topics to crack this exam.
  • Candidates should also be aware of basic unit conversions like feet to inches, etc. so that they can easily tackle all problems in the Quantitative Technique section.
  • Practice more and more through CLAT Online Mock Tests.

CLAT Preparation for Logical Reasoning

The CLAT Logical Reasoning section is observed to be the scoring section of the CLAT in recent years. If you prepare this section properly before CLAT 2024, you won’t require more than 10 minutes to attempt this section and to help you out. Below we have mentioned CLAT Preparation tips for Logical Reasoning.

  • The questions in the CLAT Logical Reasoning section are primarily picked from the main papers like The Hindu, Indian Express, and Times of India. This is additionally a scoring segment like English for candidates as the part was perusing-based, and the sections were anything but difficult to direct as far as understanding.
  • There are scarcely any dubious questions that checked the analytical skills while CLAT Preparation 2024.

☛ Get a list of CLAT Colleges.

CLAT Preparation 2024 for English

Enlisted below are a few tips on How to Prepare for CLAT 2024 English Language:

  • The candidates must read a newspaper every day. This will help you to enhance your comprehension skills. The Hindu is the recommended newspaper for CLAT Preparation. The candidates must download CLAT Answer Key online.
  • Read the opinion and editorial sections of newspapers, as many passages, while doing CLAT Preparation.
  • Any book with an ample amount of RCs will be sufficient to Prepare for CLAT.
  • Work on your reading speed and grammar to excel in this section.
  • Practice as many RC passages as you can while doing CLAT Preparation.

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How to Prepare for CLAT in 1 Month?

For the accomplishment of any mission, the prime ingredients are- a smart action plan and the proper resources required to effectively and efficiently execute that plan. Your ‘kit of resources’ for accomplishing your mission of cracking the CLAT may vary, depending upon your personal choices and capabilities. But there are some pervasive resources that each of you must have in your kitbag for CLAT Preparation.

  • A smartly drafted timetable for CLAT 2024 Preparation: Clearing this exam without having a proper timetable or study plan is just a wish. So, the utmost requirement for achieving your goal of being an NLU student and thus cracking CLAT should be creating a carefully drafted study plan.
  • You must have essential information regarding your syllabus while doing CLAT Preparation;
  • Solve CLAT Sample Paper as much as possible to improve your accuracy and speed.

CLAT Preparation – Important Topics

Knowing important topics well is the first step toward effective preparation for CLAT. The CLAT Consortium has divided the CLAT UG syllabus into five sections: English Language, Current Affairs & GK, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Techniques. Check out the subject-wise topics to be covered during CLAT Preparation 2024.

CLAT Sections

CLAT Important Topics




Comprehension Passage

Antonyms and Synonyms

Finding the errors

General Knowledge & Current Affairs

Current developments in India and throughout the world

Arts and Culture

International affairs

Indian History

Current affairs- National & International Affairs, Schemes, Science & Technology, Sports, Awards

Quantitative Techniques




Number Systems

Time Speed and Distance


Work and Time

Statistical estimation

Ratios and proportions

Legal Aptitude

Important acts and amendments

Important laws like IPC, CrPC, the law of torts, etc

Prepositions and facts

Important events related to legal and constitutional developments

Rights and Duties

Judiciary – Supreme Court and High Court

Parliament – Executive, Legislature, President

Current events

Logical Reasoning


Statement & Assumption

Statement & Course of Action

Statement & Arguments

Cause & Effect

Statement & Inference

Weakening & Strengthening arguments

CLAT Exam Preparation Tips for Self Study

CLAT Preparation is possible through self-study also. Just make sure you are regular enough with your studies. Procrastination is a big challenge when it comes to studying on your own and doing CLAT Preparation online. Here are a few tips you should follow if you decide to study independently.

  • Go for the best CLAT study material.
  • Join selected one or max two excellent online study groups on social networking sites like Facebook, Telegram, etc.
  • Buy a good CLAT mock test series.
  • Note all the important topics for the CLAT 2024 and prepare accordingly.

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CLAT Preparation Books

Note the below tips to get a list of the best CLAT Books to prepare for all 5 exam sections.

Books for CLAT Preparation


General English

S.P. Bakshi

Objective General English

Dr. RS Aggarwal

Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis

Competition Success Review

Pratiyogita Darpan

Manorama Yearbook


Logical Reasoning

Arun Sharma

Analytical Reasoning

M. K. Pandey

Elementary Mathematics with Numerical Ability

Prateek Jain

Magical Book on Quicker Maths

M Tyra

Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning


Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning

A P Bhardwaj

How to Get Selected in Top NLUs in India?

It is a dream for all candidates to get admission to the top NLUs in India to study law. If you want to reserve your seat in one of these colleges, you must do CLAT Preparation very hard because the competition is very high, as every candidate wants to reach the best. Here are experts’ recommended tips for you to ace the competition and reserve a berth in the top NLUs in India.

  • Start Early- The candidates must start their CLAT Preparation as early as possible. If you start early, you will get enough time to complete the syllabus. Note that procrastination should be completely avoided, and it will create a negative impact on your CLAT Preparation 2024.
  • Make a Plan- It is said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. An hour of planning could save you 10 hours of doing. Make a proper structure of plan for CLAT Preparation and complete the syllabus on time. It is better that you should make a subject-wise preparation plan for CLAT 2024.
  • Know the Exam Pattern- It is the first and foremost criterion of CLAT Preparation. The candidates should know all the details related to the marking scheme, topic-wise weightage, exam sections, and important topics. Keep yourself updated about the changes all the time; otherwise, your CLAT Preparation will go in vain.
  • Daily Practice- Practice is the key here. Make a habit of practising mock tests and solving previous year’s question papers. There are lots of online classes and mock tests available on the internet.
  • Time Management- Speed and accuracy play a very important role. When you appear for the exam dealing with the pressure could be difficult. That may hamper your focus as well. But when you start CLAT Preparation on a daily basis that will help you to maintain time management, and you can easily overcome the exam pressure.
  • Right Study Resources- When you are preparing for the exam at home, it is very important that you have the right study material in your hands. There are ample online study materials that could help you in your CLAT Preparation. It is important to choose trusted authors and publishers for your study.

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