How to Solve Cloze Test: Tips & Tricks to Score Marks in Cloze Test

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Cloze Test forms a major part of any competitive exam. A close test requires you to fill in the blanks of a passage with the most appropriate option. Cloze Test is a mandatory section in the English Language subject in CLAT, SLAT, AILET and other law entrance exams. to score well in the close test, you would need to have a good grasp of your vocabulary.

A cloze test (also known as cloze deletion test) is a test, exercise, or assessment consisting of a portion of language with certain items, words, or signs missing, where the candidate is asked to replace the missing item.

Cloze tests require the ability of the candidate to understand context and vocabulary in order to identify the correct language or part of speech that belongs in the missing part of the passages. This exercise is commonly practised for the assessment of native and second language learning and instruction.

Let us consider the following example so that you could understand better.

My mother waved me goodbye and the bus           (1). The man sitting         (2) to me was a doctor        (3) to Kannur,                        (4) participate in a conference.


  1. (a) going (b) started (c) arrived (d) stopped (e) travelling
  2. (a) next (b) besides (c) near (d) side (e) neighbour
  3. (a) coming (b) arriving (c) going (d) visiting (e) flying
  4. (a) to (b) for (c) so (d) and (e) then

My mother waved me goodbye and the bus started (1). The man sitting next (2) to me was a doctor going (3) to Kannur, to (4) participate in a conference.

Tips to Solve Cloze Test

Here, we will provide you with some of the best tips so that you can score well in the CLOZE TEST. Let’s get going.

  • Read and try to understand the passage very carefully as doing this will help you in understanding the context in the passage and help you to analyse the correct word that should be placed in the blank space so as to make a meaningful sentence. Read each sentence thoroughly so that you don’t misinterpret the meaning that the sentence is trying to
  • Identify the sentence and their meaning which joins them so that you could relate one sentence with another so as to make a meaningful sentence. Remember that all the sentences in that particular passage are connected to each other so it is thus very important that the context of the passage remains
  • Figure out the type of word to be used because it is very important to place a verb in place of a verb only and can never be replaced by adjective/noun or any other type of verb for that For example, I forgot to carry my bag to the school. Here, a bag is a noun.
  • Discarding the wrong options amongst all the choices for that blank space. For example,

My mother waved me goodbye and the bus ______.


  1. going
  2. started
  3. arrived
  4. stopped
  5. travelling

Now, clearly (a.) and (e.) cannot be the right answers, so we discard them.

  • Read once after filling the blanks this would help you to see whether or not the blanks filled up by you sound correct or not, and also to check if it doesn’t sounds abrupt when the full passage is read in a
  • Make reading as you habit / hobby as this will not only help you in gaining overall knowledge but also help you to enhance your The more you read, the better will be your sense of understanding complex contexts and choosing the most appropriate word to fit in the blank.
  • Practise regularly as it is very well said that practice makes a man perfect, so nothing but practising a lot of sample Cloze tests will help you in enhancing your skills to have good command in CLOZE So, there’s no shortcut to success and thus the more you do, the more you learn. Make sure to assess yourself on a weekly basis and see your graph (inclining towards the peak).

Now let us test your learning from the session in CLOZE TEST and we hope you score well.

Around the world, forests are being   (1)   at a rate of about thirteen million hectares a   year and deforestation accounts for an estimated 17% – 20% of all global emissions. In addition, forests and other terrestrial carbon sinks play a __(2)    role in preventing runaway climate change, soaking up a full 2.6 Gt of atmospheric carbon every year. The destruction of forests, therefore, not only emits carbon-a staggering 1.6 Gt a year, which severely __(3)__ forests capacity to absorb emissions  from  other  sources-but  also  drastically  (4)   the amount of forested land available to act as a carbon sink in the   future.

However, the effects of deforestation extend beyond carbon. Rainforests __(5)__  a wide variety of ecosystems services, from regulating rainfall to purifying groundwater and keeping fertile soil from (6); deforestation in one area can seriously damage food production and (7) to clean water in an entire region. The value of global ecosystem services has been estimated at 33 trillion USD each year (almost half of global GDP), but these services have been taken for granted without a mechanism to make the market reflect their value. Rainforests are also a home and    (8)    of income for a huge number of people in Africa, Asia and South America. ___(9)__  this economic pressures frequently drive both logical communities and national governments in the developing world to    (10)     these forests in ways that are unsustainable, clear-cutting vast areas for fuel, timber, mining or agricultural land.


  1. (a.) ended (b.) destroyed  (c.) killed  (d.) extinct 
  2. (a.) tough (b.) important  (c.) vital  (d.) biggest 
  3. (a.) affects (b.) diminishes (c.) increases (d.) impairs
  4. (a.) plagues (b.) develops (c.) reduces (d.) shortens 
  5. (a.) sell (b.) offer (c.) give (d.) provide
  6. (a.) transforming (b.) decoding (c.) erupting (d.) eroding
  7. (a.) handiness (b.) excess (c.) availability (d.) access 
  8. (a.) beginning (b.) source (c.) ways (d.) references
  9. (a.) despite (b.) also (c.) inspite (d.) apart 
  10. (a.) exploit (b.) encompass (c.) nurture (d.) work


Please solve the cloze test & type correct answers in the comment box.

We will post the answer tomorrow. 

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