Best CLAT Online Coaching 2024: Free Video Course & Classes for CLAT UG Online Preparation

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 11th, 2023

CLAT Online Coaching by BYJU’S Exam Prep is a smart approach to preparing for CLAT UG 2024 & other Law entrance exams. In CLAT Online Coaching 2024, video lectures and live classes are just a click away with the advent of present days digital technology. Here, you will get a series of online classes (both recorded and live classes), which cover all the complex topics in lucid language, practice tests and mock tests. With our CLAT Online Coaching 2024, you can easily develop your problem-solving and logical thinking skills; extremely important to be established as a lawyer.

The CLAT Online Coaching by BYJU’S Exam Prep is the best online coaching for UG as it provides extensive doubt-clearing sessions, reliable study resources, and elaborative classes. Online Coaching for CLAT 2024 caters to all the needs to crack the exam without any hindrances. From elaborative video classes for CLAT to informative study material in CLAT Online Coaching, you will discover evident progress in your performance within a short time. In this article, our experts have emphasised brief details about our CLAT Online Coaching, which will support you and help you in the best way in your preparation for the upcoming exam.

CLAT Online Coaching 2024 (UG) Key Highlights

In an era of digital technology, there are thousands of resources present on the internet. So, you need to find the best CLAT Online Coaching classes to perform better in the exam. We at BYJU’S Exam Prep, provide you with a collection of all the best and most beneficial study resources which cover your preparation in all aspects. CLAT Online Coaching 2024 classes are conducted by exam experts with practical experience and assure that your CLAT Syllabus gets wrapped on time in a structured way with great conceptual transparency. You can also monitor your progress by attempting numerous mock tests. Take a look at the section below to know the list of benefits that you can achieve if you join the Best CLAT Online Coaching delivered by BYJU’S Exam Prep.

Inclusive Online Course

Join online classes and video lectures offered by our CLAT Online Coaching programs to prepare for various topics and chapters of CLAT 2023. The CLAT Online Classes are inclusive of all the requisites to crack the exams. The Video lectures for CLAT Online Coaching are well-designed by experienced faculty.

The study resources are well explained and elaborated, leaving no scope of leaving any topic undiscussed in CLAT Online Coaching 2024 for UG. Taking classes at BYJU’S Exam Prep and facilitating yourself with our study material is more than enough to ace the exam.

Implementation of the Latest Syllabus

After purchasing the CLAT Online Coaching 2024, you get access to the complete course, which has been prepared by adhering to the latest syllabus. The sections of CLAT, including Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Legal Aptitude have been covered in this through easily accessible live classes and saved video lectures.

300+ Live Classes

With more than 300 Live classes in CLAT Online Coaching for UG, you will be facilitated by the best real-classroom experience that leaves no topic untouched. With this vast number of video classes for CLAT, you will be able to have a detailed discussion of every topic in the syllabus which will bring you concept clarity and better understanding.

Through the tenure of the CLAT Online Coaching course, there will no topic will be left undiscussed thereby leaving no scope for mistakes. The video lectures for CLAT 2024 UG will explain every topic in detail and bring you the utmost clarity in concepts. These classes will be very beneficial in covering the complex topics which are usually a hurdle in the preparation. Special attention to the doubts will be given as instant resolution is what is our priority.

Interactive Quizzes Session in CLAT Online Coaching

Along with detailed discussions of the entire syllabus, CLAT UG Online Coaching will also provide you with interactive and engaging quizzes which will help you with your daily practice and reduce your chances of making mistakes. The quizzes in the CLAT Online Coaching classes are very significant in improving your scores as they help you bring out the gaps in your preparation.

Regular practice of these mock tests in the CLAT 2024 Online Course will bring accuracy and speed, making you exam-ready. With Quizzes so extensively designed, there is no place for making any mistakes. We cover all the topics in our quizzes which test your knowledge in various forms of questions.

Mock Tests for Other Law Exams

Not only CLAT UG but we also provide you with mock tests for other law exams. The mock tests for CLAT, AILET, SLAT, and MAH-CET B.A. LLB is equally structured and designed concerning the latest exam pattern for each of the exams. The CLAT Online Coaching and live online classroom programs are very common platforms to access all the resources for all the Law exams.

PDFs & Tests

Law exams require extensive knowledge and preparation. For this, you must join best CLAT Online Coaching 2024 to get reliable and informative study material. We at BYJU’S Exam Prep online classes provide you with authentic and relevant PDFs for revision and preparation. The sectional tests help you pay attention to the individual sections and bring out the gaps in your preparation.

The PDFs and the tests in the CLAT Online Coaching classes are reliable, informative, and relevant. With these, you will be able to channel your efforts in the right direction and get the best output.

Coverage of Legal Knowledge and Current Affairs

All Law exams will test your legal knowledge and current affairs to a great extent. We at CLAT Online Coaching cover all the current affairs and legal knowledge that is required to crack your desired exam. With absolute coverage of all the updated topics, you will observe an upgrade in your performance manifolds.

The video lectures for CLAT UG cover all the topics of all the subjects so that there leaves no room for any chance of lagging behind. Topics like legal knowledge and current affairs are taught with updated concepts and smart tricks in these CLAT Online Coaching video classes for UG to narrow the approach of retaining in mind.

Concept Building through CLAT Online Coaching

By availing of the CLAT UG online classes, you can start your CLAT Preparation from scratch and progress gradually as we offer you a step-by-step approach to your preparation. These Video Classes for CLAT 2024 aim to strengthen your concepts so that you can effectively understand the application of the concepts in problem-solving.

Ample Practice with Weekly Tests & Mock Tests

Mock tests along with weekly CLAT Online Tests are offered for CLAT UG, in the CLAT Online Coaching course to let you practice and improve your performance. By attempting these tests in online classes regularly, you can enhance your speed and increase your accuracy for maximizing your attempts and thus get an edge over your competitors.

The mock tests in online courses assess your knowledge in-depth and make you more competent for the exam.

Doubt Solving Sessions

Do not let your doubts compile. Interact with our subject matter experts through CLAT Online Coaching video classes and get answers to all those questions, in which you are facing difficulties. The easy tricks and techniques offered by the experts will clear all your doubts. Facilitate yourself with the best online coaching and get all your doubts cleared.

CLAT Online Coaching Expert Faculty

The CLAT 2024 Online course has been prepared by subject experts who have years of experience in their domain and have mentored lakhs of students.

Faculty Name



Best CLAT Online Coaching 2024: Free Video Course & Classes for CLAT UG Online Preparation

Nivedita Raje

Legal Reasoning Expert

RMNLU, Lucknow

4+ Years of Teaching Experience

Mentored 10,000+ students

Salik Ahmad

GK & Current Affairs Expert

2+ years of teaching experience

Mentored 2000+ students

Ankur Sharma

Quant Expert

8+ Years of teaching experience

Mentored 50,000+ students

Krishnendu Dutta

Critical Reasoning & English Expert

15+ Years of Teaching Experience

Mentored 1 lakh+ students


Surajit Bhaduri

Legal Aptitude Expert

Graduate from NLU, Gandhinagar

8+ years of experience teaching Law

Mentored 50,000+ students

Rabia Zarah Khan
Polity and Current affairs expert

4+ years of teaching experience

Mentored 10,000+ students

CLAT Online Classes Exam Highlights

Check the important details of the CLAT exam in the table below:

CLAT Exam Highlights

Name of Exam


Name of Organization

CLAT Consortium, Bar Council of India

Mode of Application


Application Fee

Gen/OBC/PWD/NRI – INR 4,000 SC/ST/BPL – INR 3,500

Mode of Exam




Courses Offered


Acceptance Rate


CLAT Online Coaching 2024 UG Exam Pattern

Understand the CLAT Paper Pattern before you join online classes for UG admissions.


Number of questions

English Language

28-32 questions

Current Affairs including General Knowledge

35-39 questions

Legal Reasoning

35-39 questions

Logical Reasoning

28-32 questions

Quantitative Techniques

13-17 questions

Benefits of taking CLAT Online Coaching

The CLAT 2024 online classes are well-equipped with all the required study material and informative classes.

Visually attractive learning

CLAT Online Coaching classes help you understand the concepts smartly and interactively. Today technology has changed the dimensions of learning. With the advancement in technology, the methods and aids for teaching have also been modified and become more beneficial. The classes are informative and follow all the smart techniques of delivering the lessons so that the learning is engaging and effective.

Comfortable and convenient

The CLAT Online Coaching classes are accessible at your convenience. These classes are not time-bound. They are easy to access and can be put to use whenever you want. The classes can be availed as per the student’s schedule. The classes are not scheduled at a fixed time. They are rather available as and when required by the students.

Cutthroat Competition

With increasing competition every year, it is very important to improvise your preparation and take up smart ways of studying in order to move ahead of your competitors. Infusing technology in your regular practice sessions through CLAT Online Coaching 2024 is a smart approach to enhance your productivity.

Personal Attention

While preparing for any exam, it is important to have constant supervision. The faculties in CLAT Online Coaching classes pay individual attention to every student so that there is no chance of any mistake. With individual attention, the students feel more confident and it also elevates their overall performance.

Join CLAT Online Coaching & Save time, Money, and Energy

Taking CLAT Online Coaching classes saves a lot of time. Physical classes take up a lot of time, energy, and also a lot of money. Online classes are accessible to you at your home at your own will. This saves a lot of time and money. The energy in going and coming back is also saved which can be rather used while studying online.

Excellent Study Materials

Study material plays a vital role in preparing for any exam. CLAT Online Coaching classes for UG are rich in study material with lots of options that you can not find in traditional classes. These will benefit you in a lot of ways to understand the topics better.

From excellent study notes, elaborative and descriptive classes, in-depth testing tests, and constant monitoring of the experts, we bring to you the best quality resources collected in one platform at CLAT Online Coaching 2024. This saves a lot of time and will also facilitate you with the most reliable study material. It will not only help you bring out clarity but will develop an understanding of all those concepts easily that once felt complex.

Right Mentorship

Right mentorship can do wonders while preparing for a competitive exam. Genuine guidance can you pull out through all the hurdles that can lead you in the right direction you need to walk in. With the constant guidance of the experts at CLAT Online Coaching, you will always be guided by the right people in the right direction to achieve your goal.

Why Choose BYJU’S Exam Prep CLAT UG Online Coaching?

Cracking Law exams is not easy. it requires dedicated preparation and just the right kind of study resources. Below are some benefits that you will get if you join our CLAT Online Coaching 2024 classes for UG.

Engaging Resources

CLAT 2024 UG online classes by us are engaging and innovative. The classes focus on interactive learning and discourage the memorization of concepts. The classes are fundamentally designed to instil a concrete understanding of the concepts. The CLAT Online Coaching classes at BYJU’S Exam Prep take technology to next level by making the classes smart and innovative which increases the student’s focus and makes them more attentive and engaged.

Flexible learning session at CLAT Online Coaching

The online classes here at BYJU’S Exam Prep are designed keeping in mind the convenience of the students. Students can attend classes whenever they want. The classes are easy to access at a time that suits the students. The classes can be watched again as per the requirement of the students.

Moving Ahead of Competitors

The CLAT Online Coaching classes encapsulate all the required resources in one place so that you can avail all the necessary requirements to crack the exam. The CLAT 2024 UG online classes are the best online classes that will help you elevate your scores and make you exam-ready.

Expert Faculties

The faculties in our CLAT Online Coaching 2024 classes are experienced and have been dealing with the CLAT for years. They are well-versed in the examination pattern and teach accordingly. The faculties are easy to approach and believe to give instant resolution to your doubts.

Best Quality Study Material

The study material that we provide at CLAT Online Coaching classes for UG is the best study resource that you need to crack the examination. These resources include all that you need. The resources are relevant and reliable that provide all the relevant information and exclude all the unwanted topics which will save you time.

Reliable Mentors

The CLAT Online Coaching facilitates you with just the right kind of mentors who will guide you throughout your journey to reach your goal. The mentors are easy to approach and give you constant guidance. Their supervision enhances your preparation and boosts your performance manifolds.

How to Enroll for CLAT Online Coaching 2024 Classes?

  • Visit the official website of BYJU’S Exam Prep-
  • Choose the ‘Course’ section.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the CLAT UG option.
  • Now, you have to select the desired exam.
  • By visiting a particular exam, you can take a free trial of the course.
  • Now, click on the ‘Buy Now’ option to purchase the course.

Course Validity: All the class recordings, quizzes, mock tests & PDFs will be available until your exam.

Requirements for accessing the CLAT Online Coaching Video Course

  • A basic laptop/desktop/Mobile Phone which supports web browsers.
  • If you have an active internet connection, preferably with a 2 MBPS download speed, you can access the online classes without any video/audio interruption.
  • Use headphones, if required.
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