CLAT Logical Reasoning Preparation 2023: Expert Tips, Syllabus and Books to Study

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

CLAT Logical Reasoning section is one of the most important sections in CLAT. It holds nearly 20% weightage in the exam. The Logical Reasoning for CLAT is designed to evaluate candidates’ skills in reasoning and comprehension. So conceptual clarity is not always enough to crack CLAT Logical Reasoning questions; rather, the candidates must be thorough with the questions types and difficulty level.

The CLAT Logical Reasoning syllabus includes critical and analytical reasoning topics based on current affairs and events. The 300-word passages are given, and you must answer CLAT Logical Reasoning questions by taking the information mentioned in these passages. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have discussed a detailed overview of Logical Reasoning in CLAT 2023.

What is CLAT Logical Reasoning?

As per the CLAT Exam Analysis, the Logical Resoning section of CLAT simply focuses on evaluating the rational thinking of the candidate and how they can understand and solve any given rational situation. The CLAT Logical Reasoning section is designed in such a way that candidates can be assessed on how clear ideas are in their heads or if they can reach the desired conclusion. In short, Logical Reasoning for CLAT questions simply demand clarity in concepts.

The candidates who are preparing for the upcoming exam must understand the concept of CLAT Logical Reasoning questions to solve the questions quickly. Note that speed and accuracy play an important role in cracking the Logical Reasoning section for CLAT 2023. Here, we have mentioned a detailed analysis of the CLAT Logical Reasoning section and the syllabus, books, topics covered, and preparation tips.

  • Number of Passages: 4-5 passages, 300 words each
  • Types of Questions: MCQs
  • Total Number of questions: 28-32 questions
  • Content of CLAT Logical Reasoning passage: A number of the passages are going to be drawn from editorials and articles with arguments and statements beginning relationships or giving some puzzles. However, there could also be some questions from number series, age, and blood relations.

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CLAT Logical Reasoning 2023: Exam Pattern

The candidates can expect 28-32 questions from the logical reasoning section of the CLAT Question Paper. Short passages of 300 words will precede all these questions. You need to read these given passages to answer the objective-type questions of the CLAT Logical Reasoning 2023 section. Note the table below to get an overview of the CLAT Exam Pattern of logical reasoning section.



Question Types


Number of Passages

4-5 (300 words each)

Total Questions in CLAT Logical Reasoning


Total Marks


Approximate Weightage


To answer CLAT Logical Reasoning 2023 questions, you must identify and recognise the argument in the passage. After that, it is important to analyse the pattern critically to assess how the conclusions can be made. The candidates need to assume what the passage pursues and apply these hypotheses to different situations.

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Logical Reasoning for CLAT Syllabus

Below is the list of important CLAT Logical Reasoning syllabus and topics that you need to cover while doing CLAT Preparation.

Important Topics of CLAT Logical Reasoning 2023



Number Series

Blood Relations

Logical Sequences


Ranking and Order


Para Jumbles


Seating Arrangement

Coding and Decoding

Data Interpretation


Questions on Inference




Best Logical Reasoning Books for CLAT 2023

Note the below table to get a list of the best books to prepare for logical reasoning for CLAT 2023. The candidates can also download experts’ recommended CLAT Books PDF to prepare best for the exam.

Name of the Books


Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

R.S. Aggarwal

A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning

R S Aggarwal

Logical Reasoning

Arun Sharma

Analytical Reasoning

M. K. Pandey

How to Approach CLAT Logical Reasoning Questions?

Here are the things to remember that will help you to answer Logical Reasoning for CLAT questions.

  • Read the facts very carefully: Be attentive; every word has its relevance in law. Read every principle very carefully.
  • All conditions in CLAT Logical Reasoning must be proved to establish the crime or offence.
  • It is important to understand the conclusion of the particular passage. If you have successfully interpreted the theme of the passage, then you can easily answer the questions related to that particular passage.
  • Read the CLAT Logical Reasoning questions precisely and find out the details accordingly.
  • Do not assume anything from your own. Follow the questions minutely and mark the answers as per the information given in the passage.

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Expert’s Tips to Prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning

The Logical Reasoning tricks for CLAT will lead to good attempts of the CLAT Logical Reasoning section leading to high scores. Logical Reasoning for CLAT questions can be your score booster up to an improvement of the overall percentile by 20-25 in CLAT 2023. As such, the goal of scoring high can be achieved with small but consistent efforts and time devoted to the CLAT Logical Reasoning 2023.

  • Solve CLAT Previous Years Question Paper- Though CLAT has changed the pattern and moved to comprehension-type questions. However, it will maintain your speed and accuracy.
  • Do not mug up and apply logic and tricks; mugging up the pattern is not suggested to solve Logical Reasoning CLAT questions.
  • Learn time management- Keep a check on speed and accuracy to avoid exam pressure during the examination.
  • Answer from the passage, not from the outside principle
  • Develop quick reading and critical thinking
  • Identify the patterns of reasoning and manipulate information to a given conclusion.
  • Make a strategic preparation plan to prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning section. Try to invest at least 1:30-2 hours every day in completing the important topics of Logical Reasoning questions for CLAT 2023.
  • Start with the easier topics, then move to the tougher ones.
  • Revision is extremely important to grab a better conceptual understanding of CLAT Logical Reasoning questions.
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