Important Topics for GATE Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Exam

By Pankaj Kumar|Updated : January 12th, 2022

Important Topics for GATE Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Exam: In this article, we will go through some important topics to help you prepare for your GATE CSE 2022 exam. The list provides a brief idea for the Computer Science and Information Technology disciplines. This list is based on an analysis of GATE question papers from the last ten years

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Here we are providing the complete study notes on the Revision Notes for the preparation of the GATE, Computer Science Engineering Exam. 

In this article, you will find the related notes and quizzes which have been released throughout the preparation of the subject with some other useful articles. This article would be very useful for the future when the whole syllabus would be completed and the revision period of the subject would be going on. Aspiring candidates can get benefit from this article and boost their preparation with an ongoing  Study plan for GATE CS 2022. The main concepts from each subject given in the GATE Computer Science & Information Technology syllabus are mentioned below

Important Topics for GATE CSE

S. No.SubjectImportant Topics

Digital Logic

 Logic Gates
 Number System
 Sequential Circuits
 Combinational Circuits
Minimization of Boolean Expressions

Computer Organization and Architecture

Addressing Modes
I/O Data Transfer
Cache Organization
Number Representation

Programming and Data Structures

Recursive Programs


Graph Algorithms
Sorting Algorithms
Algorithm Analysis
Divide and Conquer & Greedy Algorithms

Theory of Computation

Regular Languages
Closure Properties
Regular Expressions

Compiler Design

LR Parsers
LL(1) Parser
Predictive Parser
Lexical Analysis and Syntax Analysis
Intermediate code Generation & its purpose

Operating Systems

Virtual Memory
CPU Scheduling Algorithms
Techniques of Memory Management
Implementation issues of File system design
Synchronization Mechanisms, Concurrency in IPC environment

DBMS (Database Management Systems)

SQL Queries
Relational Algebra

Computer Networks

Sliding Window Protocol
Encryption and Decryption Algorithms

Engineering Mathematics

Matrix Determinant
Conditional Probability
Propositional Logic and Predicate Logic

GATE 2022: Notes for Algorithms

Candidates can also analyse important topics from previous years GATE papers. Although this technique will take time GATE 2022aspirants can use this technique for their GATE 2022 exam preparation. Here we provide all related notes for Algorithms which has been released throughout the preparation.

Introduction to Algorithms
Analysis of Algorithms (Time Complexity)


Searching and Sorting
Divide and Conquer Algorithms
Greedy Algorithms-1 (Huffman, knapsack, job sequencing)
Greedy Algorithms-2 (Kruskal, prims, Dijkstra)
Dynamic Programming

GATE CSE 2022: Some common FAQ's 

1. What is the exam date for GATE CS 2022?

Ans: GATE CS 2022 exam will be conducted in February 2022.

2. What is a good rank in GATE CSE?

Ans: Scoring 65+ in the GATE CSE exam can help you get a good rank.

3. How do you get 65+ marks in GATE 2022?

Ans: Read the above article briefly and focus on each topic according to your study plan.

4. Which PSU recruit candidates from the CS branch through GATE 2022?

Ans: GATE 2022 CS open a large number of PSU opportunities in  OICL, BARC, ONGC, DRDO, POSOCO, HPCL to recruit candidates from the Computer Science branch on the basis of GATE Scores.

5. What will be the level of the GATE CS Exam 2022?

Ans: The GATE CS 2022 Exam Analyses will be made here by BYJU'S Exam Prep experts. The detailed exam analysis for the GATE Computer Science Exam will be made here once the exam has been conducted. Thus always follow BYJU'S Exam Prep for regular updates.



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