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By Vineet Vijay|Updated : March 4th, 2016

The GATE Exam for each paper covers more than 10 subjects and hence, it is difficult to prepare for the GATE exam in one or two months. You must pre-plan your studies for the exam at least 3 or 4 months before the GATE Exam. Those who are attempting the GATE examination for the first time will always fear it by just looking at a number of subjects. It is obvious that you should give enough time to prepare for the GATE exam. Aspirants must do a proper analysis of the GATE syllabus, such as to know the subjects, topics of each subject, and identify the order of subjects for preparation.

Key Points to Prepare for GATE Exam

  • Understand the GATE syllabus.
  • Gather important resources
  • Start your preparation with dedication
  • Make revision notes
  • Practice Quizzes and Test series

Here is a list of Common Questions, along with their answers that you may be faced by before beginning your preparation of the GATE exam:

Which subject should I prepare first in GATE syllabus?

  • In the beginning, it is required that you keep your attention focused towards GATE, so the selection of subjects plays a very crucial role.
  • Start your preparation with the good beginning so that you will have successful completion at the end.
  • Begin your preparation with a known subject where you have good knowledge on it. Save your preparation time only preparing relevant topics of GATE syllabus instead of preparing the whole book.

Should I start with an easy subject or a difficult one?

  • It is advisable that you do not try attempting a difficult subject in the beginning of preparation because understanding the concepts of such difficult subject where you don''t have an interest can make demotivate for preparing GATE.
  • On the other hand, if you choose a very easy subject and not important for GATE, you may end up spending too much time in its preparation and waste a lot more time than required.
  • Hence, your aim should be to select a subject which is of medium difficulty for you and an important subject in GATE.

How many hours are required to devote to GATE preparation each day?

  • The number of hours may vary from person to person for preparing for GATE.
  • If you have already prepared all the subjects for the previous GATE Exam, you may need to spend 2 to 3 hours for revision and practising.
  • It is a good idea to spend at least 5 to 6 hours for GATE preparation if you are attempting seriously.
  • In case you are preparing the GATE exam for the first time, then you’d definitely require to put in more effort and number of hours in order to get comfortable with the pattern and syllabus

Is it enough to prepare from one text book?

  • For a few subjects, preparing from one book may be sufficient.
  • In GATE exam, the syllabus may be such that for a few subjects all the topics may not be covered in one text book.
  • It may happen that the given information for a particular topic may not be sufficient in the same book.
  • So choosing book and understanding syllabus of GATE exam is very important to decide whether one or two books are required for the subject.
  • Hence, it is advisable that you choose one or more text books based on the importance of the subject and the topics covered in it.

How much time is required to complete the GATE syllabus?

  • If you have a good knowledge base in computer science it will take a minimum of 3 months for the GATE preparation. If you are studying in the final year under graduation, it will definitely take you more time.
  • It is necessary to start from the beginning of your final year of graduation and try to spend a minimum of 2 hours for preparation of GATE.

Which material should I prepare from?

  • There is a difference between coaching institute material, standard books, and online resources.
  • If you prefer good coaching institute material, you may find the content only related to the syllabus but those materials may not have sufficient information.
  • If you read text books, you will find a lot of information. It is highly suggested when you have enough time to face the GATE Exam and you are preparing self. 
  • Studying through online resources. In online three is a lot of material available, so select necessary and good material. Quizzes and preparation material available online will help you to practice regularly and prepare well.

Should I join a coaching institute to prepare for the GATE exam?

  • You don''t need to join a coaching institute for GATE preparation. But for some students, GATE coaching may guide you in the right direction when you are not able to identify your path for preparation.
  • In case you are studying and cannot find to enrol yourself in a regular coaching class, you may also refer to online communities/blogs like Facebook, Quora, Google, Gradeup etc. where you can discuss with experts and get regular guidance on your preparation.  

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