Important Topics for Computer Organization and Architecture

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Important Topics for Computer Organization and Architecture- Computer Organisation and Architecture is a set of methods and rules that describe the functionality, implementation, and organization of computer systems. Some definitions of architecture say that it as describing a computer’s capabilities and programming model but not a particular implementation. Here is the list of important topics in Computer Organisation and Architecture.

Important Topics in Computer Organisation and Architecture

  • Machine Instructions & Addressing Modes
  • Types of Instruction:
      • Data Transfer Instruction.
      • Data Manipulation Instruction.
      • Transfer Of Control Instructions.
  • Addressing Modes(AM):
    • Sequential Control Flow Addressing Modes:
    • Register Based AM:
        • Register to Register AM
        • Register Direct AM
    • Memory-Based AM:
          • Implied AM
          • Immediate AM
          • Absolute AM
          • Auto Indexed AM
          • Indirect AM
          • Indexed AM
  • Transfer of Control Addressing Modes:
        • Relative/ PC Relative AM
        • Base Register AM
  • ALU, Data Path and CPU Control Unit Design
    • Instruction Set & Operations
    • Subprogram Execution
    • Interrupts
    • ALU data path
    • Micro-Operations & Micro-Instruction Sequence
    • Control Unit
    • Characteristics of RISC/CISC systems
    • Horizontal and Vertical Microprogramming
  • Instruction Pipelining
    • Instruction Execution
    • Performance Evaluation
    • RISC pipeline
    • Non-Linear Pipeline
    • Hazards
    • Latency Analysis
  • Memory Organisation
    • Simultaneous and Hierarchical Access
    • Mapping Techniques
    • Replacement Policies
    • Updating Techniques
    • Multilevel Cache Design
    • Secondary memory
  • IO Interfaces and DMA
    • Input-Output Organisation
    • Input-Output Transfer Modes
    • Performance Analysis 

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