Write examples for Cone, Sphere, Cylinder and Cuboid.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Cone, sphere, cylinder, and cuboid are three-dimensional solids that have many real-life examples. Based on the dimensions provided, all of these shapes assist us in determining the shape of the object in the actual world. For instance, a cuboid shape is represented by the contour of the bed. Have you ever visualized an object having a certain shape, such as an ice cream cone, a football, or a cylinder? etc. All of these shapes are three-dimensional (3D) shapes that are aligned to the x, y, and z axes. Let’s look at a few of these cases.

Properties of a Cone

  1. A cone has no edges and only one face, which is its circular base.
  2. A cone only has one vertex or apex point.
  3. The volume of the cone is ⅓ πr2h.
  4. The total surface area of the cone is πr(l + r)
  5. The slant height of the cone is √(r2+h2)

Properties of a Sphere

  1. A sphere is symmetrical in every way.
  2. Spheres are not polyhedra.
  3. A sphere lacks a surface of centers because every point on the surface is equally spaced from the center.
  4. A sphere’s mean curvature is constant.
  5. The circumference and width of a sphere are both fixed.

Properties of a Cylinder

  1. The bases are always parallel and congruent.
  2. A Right Cylinder is one in which the axis forms a right angle with bases that are directly over one another.
  3. Given that it has the same cross-section everywhere, it is comparable to a prism.
  4. It is referred to as an Oblique Cylinder if the bases are sideways rather than directly over one another and the axis does not form the proper angle with the bases.
  5. It is referred to as a right circular cylinder if the bases are circular.
  6. It is referred to as an Elliptical Cylinder if the bases are elliptical in shape.

Properties of a Cuboid

  1. There are 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertices on a cuboid.
  2. All of the cuboid’s faces have rectangular shapes.
  3. The cuboid’s opposing edges are parallel to one another.
  4. The dimensions of a cube are length, breadth, and height.
  5. All of the angles created at the cuboid’s vertices are 90 degrees.


Write examples for Cone, Sphere, Cylinder, and Cuboid.

Ice cream cones, balls, spheres, pen stands, and tables are examples of 3D solids. All of these forms help us determine the shape of the object in the real world based on the dimensions given. The shape of the bed, for instance, can be compared to a cuboid.

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