Why Did Lencho Say the Raindrops Were Like New Coins?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Because the raindrops assist Lencho in cultivating and reaping his crops, which leads to greater affluence, he likens them to brand-new coins. As a result, he likens rainfall to brand-new coins. Rain is water droplets condensed by evaporation.

Raindrops Were Like New Coins

Water is absorbed from various bodies of water and much of it evaporates into the atmosphere. Water also evaporates through various other biological processes. This hot air, containing water molecules, rises above the ground, expands, and cools when it reaches a suitable height. As the temperature drops, water vapor turns into water droplets. This process is called condensation.

Facilitated by airborne matter such as dust and other particles that accelerate the process and provide the nuclei for these droplets. Such accumulations of water droplets condense into giant bodies of water that we see as clouds. When they become large and heavy, they fall to the ground as rain. So it’s precipitation. This precipitation can take the form of snow, hail, or sleet when temperatures are cold.


Why Did Lencho Say the Raindrops Were Like New Coins?

Lencho likens the rainfall to brand-new coins because they enable him to grow and harvest his crops, which increases his prosperity. Clouds form during the water cycle. Rain is also called precipitation.

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