Who discovered the cell membrane? (a) Camillo Golgi (b) Christian de Duve (c) George Palade (d) Robert Brown (e) Robert Hooke

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Robert Hooke discovered the cell membrane. The thin membrane that envelops every living cell is known as a cell membrane or the plasma membrane. The majority of the lipids and proteins that make up cell membranes are based on fatty acids.

Discovery of Cell Membrane

The cell membrane was identified by Robert Hooke in the late 1600s. Robert Hooke was a physicist and architect from England. The first person to see a microorganism under a microscope was Robert Hooke. Additionally, he taught geometry at Gresham College. Allan Chapman recently gave Robert Hooke the new moniker England’s Leonardo in his book. In Micrographia, Hooke’s description of these cells was published. The nucleus and other organelles seen in the majority of living cells were not visible in the cell walls that Hooke viewed. By Camillo Golgi, the nervous system’s structure was discovered. Christian de Duve made the discovery of lysosomes. Robert Brown made the discovery of the nucleus. George Palade made the discovery of the ribosome.

Functions of Cell Membrane

  • Mechanical Structure
    • Defines/encloses the Cell
    • Re. Cytoskeleton
    • Extracellular Matrix
  • Protection
  • Selective Permeability
  • Active Transport
  • Bulk Transport
    • Exocytosis and Endocytosis
  • Markers & Signalling
    • (for communication with other cells & the external environment)
  • Metabolic Activities


Who discovered the cell membrane? (a) Camillo Golgi (b) Christian de Duve (c) George Palade (d) Robert Brown (e) Robert Hooke

The cell membrane was discovered by Robert Hooke. A cell membrane also referred to as the plasma membrane, is the slender membrane that surrounds every live cell. Fatty acids are the primary building blocks of the lipids and proteins that make up cell membranes.

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