Which word does NOT belong with the others? (a) Square, (b) Pentagon, (c) Hexagon, (d) Angle

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Angle does not belong with the others. According to the information provided, the two-dimensional shapes are square, pentagon, and hexagon.

  • While the angle is a unit of measurement.
  • Angle doesn’t fit along with the other words, then.
  • The word “Angle” does not, therefore, belong with the others.
  • 3-sided triangle
  • a square with four sides
  • the Pentagon is five-sided
  • A hexagon has six sides.
  • The heptagon has seven sides.
  • The octagon has eight sides.
  • A nonagon has nine sides.
  • The decagon has ten sides.


Which word does NOT belong with the others? (a) Square, (b) Pentagon, (c) Hexagon, (d) Angle

Angle is not a member of the group. From the information given, the two-dimensional shapes are pentagon, hexagon, and square.

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