Which user action will not generate a server-side event?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

A mouse move will not generate a server-side event. The tool used to determine the two dimensions connected to the surface point is called a mouse. Mouse Move user action won’t result in a server-side activity. Since the moving mouse operation does not communicate any input values from the server side. A keystroke or mouse click event will provide some server-side input values. Therefore, moving the mouse has no effect on the server side.

User Action will not generate a server-side event – Mouse

A hand-held pointing device called a computer mouse (plural mice, occasionally mouses) senses two-dimensional motion in relation to a surface. This motion is often translated into the movement of a pointer on a screen,

In 1968, the usage of a mouse to operate a computer system was first made public. The X- and Y-wheels were initially used separately by mice to measure movement across a surface. Later, a ball rolling on a surface was used as the default design to detect motion. Most contemporary mice employ non-moving optical sensors. The majority of modern mice are cordless and rely on short-range radio communication with the connected system, whereas all mice were initially connected to computers by cable.

In addition to moving the pointer, computer mice feature one or more buttons that can be used for other functions like selecting a menu item on a display. Scroll wheels and touch surfaces are common extras on mice that


Which user action will not generate a server-side event?

A mouse move will not generate a server-side event. The term mouse was first used in print in Bill English’s publication Computer-Aided Display Control in July 1965. This is most likely because of the mouse’s resemblance to a mouse, rodent, in terms of size and shape, as well as the cord resemblance to the mouse’s tail.

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