Which one of the following is an active element in a circuit?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Capacitor

(B) Resistance

(C) Inductor

(D) Current source

The current source is an active element in a circuit. While passive materials only receive energy, active elements deliver it. Active sources include sources of voltage and current. R, L, and C are hence referred to as passive elements.

Is Current Source Only Active Element in a circuit?

From the above-given options, only the current source is the active element in a circuit. The closed-loop electrical circuits or routes create a web of electrical parts through which electrons can move. This walkway is built with electrical lines and is powered by a battery or another source. The point where the electrons enter the electrical circuit is known as the source, and the point where they depart is known as the return.

  • The load, switch, wires, and power supply make up a straightforward circuit.
  • It is the power source, the cell.
  • The resistor is often referred to as the load. When the circuit is turned on, a lightbulb inside of it illuminates.
  • Conductors: They are composed of bare copper wires. The load is connected to the power source at one end of the cable, and the power source is connected to the load again at the other end.
  • Switch: The circuit has a tiny gap there. Switches come in a variety of varieties. To open or close a circuit, use a switch.


Which one of the following is an active element in a circuit? (A) Capacitor (B) Resistance (C) Inductor (D) Current source.

In this given option Current source is an active element in a Circuit. The passive components receive energy where the active components deliver it.

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