Which of the following polymer is thermosetting polymer?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(a) Terylene

(b) Polystyrene

(c) Bakelite

(d) Neoprene

The polymer which is thermosetting polymer is Bakelite. A polymer that can be irrevocably hardened into the required shape is a thermosetting polymer.

Why Bakelite is a Thermosetting Polymer?

  • It becomes harder through the curing of a resin, prepolymer, or viscous liquid.
  • The process of curing is accelerated by high pressure, mixing with a catalyst, or the application of the right amount of heat or radiation.
  • A thermoset cannot be melted for reshaping once it has hardened.
  • A thermosetting polymer includes things like polyurethanes, polyurea, bakelite, urea-formaldehyde, etc.


  • A synthetic polyester fibre is terylene. It is mostly utilised in fabric bags and designer materials.
  • It is also referred to as Dacron.
  • It is created by polymerizing terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.


  • This synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon polymer is created from the styrene monomer.
  • It can be applied to a variety of industries, including refrigeration and food packing.
  • Polystyrene comes in the form of thermocol.
  • Solid or foamed polystyrene are both possible.


  • It results from the condensation of phenol and formaldehyde.
  • It is utilised in a variety of products, including electrical insulators, radio and telephone casings, jewellery, kitchenware, pipe stems, children’s toys, and guns.


  • It also goes by the name polychloroprene.
  • It belongs to a family of synthetic rubbers made by polymerizing chloroprene.
  • It is commonly employed in the production of goods like medical and sporting supports.
  • Neoprene maintains its elasticity over a broad temperature range and demonstrates strong chemical stability.


Which of the following polymer is a thermosetting polymer? (a) Terylene (b) Polystyrene (c) Bakelite (d) Neoprene

Bakelite is a thermosetting polymer. It can be irrevocably hardened into the required shape. The polymer that is obtained by irreversibly hardening viscous liquid prepolymer or a soft solid is called thermosetting polymer.

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