Which of the following is used in pencils? (a) Graphite (b) Silicon (c) Charcoal (d) Phosphorous

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Graphite is used in pencils. The atoms in the crystalline form of carbon known as graphite are organized in a hexagonal pattern. Under normal settings, graphite is the most stable form of carbon. Under extreme conditions of pressure and heat, it transforms into a diamond. Pencils and lubricants both include graphite.

Production of Charcoal

The production of charcoal, a lightweight black carbon residue, requires intense burning of wood with little oxygen in order to completely evaporate all water and volatile components. There are two main types of phosphorus:

  • White phosphorus
  • Red phosphorus

Phosphorus is never discovered as a free element on Earth because of its extreme reactivity. Tetravalent metalloid and semiconductor silicon is a brittle, rigid, crystalline substance with a blue-gray metallic sheen.

Properties of Graphite

  • Graphite naturally occurs in the free state, but it can also be manufactured.
  • It is an opaque, greyish-black material.
  • smoother and more slippery than diamond while being lighter.
  • It is a good heat and electrical conductor.
  • Sp2 hybridization occurs with carbon atoms.
  • It is solid with crystals.
  • 1800K is the melting point.
  • Non-inflammable.
  • due to weak Vander wall forces, it is soft.

Applications of Graphite

  • Today, graphite is typically used in the production of steel, brake linings, lubricants, foundry facings, and batteries, to mention a few.
  • Graphene, one of the vital parts of graphite, is a well-known strong substance with a number of unique properties. More recent technological developments would be required to extract the component from the carbon crystal.
  • The crystal is employed in applications for processing materials at high temperatures, including electrodes and refractories.


Which of the following is used in pencils? (a) Graphite (b) Silicon (c) Charcoal (d) Phosphorous

In pencils, graphite is utilised. The hexagonal arrangement of the atoms in graphite, a crystalline form of carbon, gives the material its name. Graphite is the most stable form of carbon in typical conditions. It turns into a diamond when subjected to extremely high pressure and heat

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