Which of the following is paramagnetic?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(a) CN

(b) CO

(c) O−2

(d) NO+

O2 is paramagnetic. These are positive, small-scale sensitivity to magnetic fields. The magnetic field somewhat attracts Paramagnetic materials. Some unpaired electrons are present, and the external magnetic field’s realignment of the electron pathways is what gives anything its paramagnetism. Magnesium, tantalum, molybdenum, and lithium are among the materials that are magnetic.

Why O−2 is Paramagnetic?

Bond order:

  • It is the quantity of atoms’ bonds with one another.
  • The stable bonding electrons help to increase the bond order.
  • Due to the antibonding electrons’ instability, the bond order is being reduced.

Bond order is given by:

  • ½ (no. of bonding – no. of anti bonding electrons
  • For filling up of electrons, we need to follow the series: σ1s σ1s* σ2s σ2s * σ2pz π2py
  • = π2px π2py * = π2px * σ2pz *
  • For molecules till nitrogen, there is a slight change in the M.O energy order: σ1s σ1s* σ2s σ2s π2py= π2px * σ2pz π2py = π2px * σ2pz *
  • For CO, we see that there are no unpaired electrons and the molecule is thus diamagnetic.
  • O2 molecule, the electronic configuration is: σ1s 2σ1s*2 σ2s 2σ2s *2 σ2pz 2π2py 2π2px 2π2py *2π2px *1
  • There are seven antibonding electrons and seven bonding electrons, including one unpaired antibonding orbital electron.
  • It is paramagnetic in nature due to the unpaired electron.

The M.O of NO+ is as follows:

  • From the M.O diagram of NO+, we see that there are no unpaired electrons and the molecule is thus diamagnetic.
  • If we construct the M.O diagram of CN, we will see that there are no unpaired electrons.

Therefore, O2 is paramagnetic.


Which of the following is paramagnetic? (a) CN (b) CO (c) O−2 (d) NO+

From the following, O2 is paramagnetic. The elements are small-scale sensitive to magnetic fields and are attracted by the magnetic field. Pragmatic materials that are somewhat attracted by the magnetic fields.

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