Which of the following is not an input device – (a) OCR (b) Optical scanner (c) Voice recognition voice (d) COM

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The COM is not an example of an input system (Computer Output to Microfilm). An input device in computing is a piece of hardware used to provide control and data signals to a data processing system, such as a computer or information appliance. Input devices include things like keyboards, scanners, mice, joysticks, and digital cameras, among others.

Computer Output Microfilm (COM)

The course advancement known as Computer Output Microfilm transfers data recorded on a computer system from electronic media to microfilms. It assists in reducing the replication of papers created with the intention of being distributed, stored, read, and printed by huge companies. Anacomp, Inc., a company that provided service, made it easy, and restored entities, was the top seller of Computer Output Microfilm machines.

Engineering-related informational data has been archived for years using systems that create microfilm-based images on punched cards.

Significance and purpose of COM

  • The process of converting data from electronic storage devices on computers to 16mm microfilm or microfiche is known as computer output microfilm.
  • Large enterprises that seek to reduce their usage of paper can employ computer-output microfilm as a solution.
  • Additionally, it offers a mechanism to store documents for future reference.
  • Microfiche scanning, a service provided by Generation Imaging, can convert Computer Output Microfilm and COM fiche to digital images.
  • Digital images, in a sense, advance COM systems and save even more space.


Which of the following is not an input device -(a) OCR(b) Optical scanner(c) Voice recognition voice(d) COM

COM is not an input device. Depending on the context, the abbreviation COM may be used to refer to computer output microform, computer output to microfiche, or computer output microfilm.

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