Which of the following is NOT a system software? (A) Compiler (B) Operating System (C) Application Software (D) Editor

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Compiler

(B) Operating System

(C) Application Software

(D) Editor

Compilers Application software is NOT a system software. A compiler is a piece of software that converts source code written in a high-level programming language into machine code appropriate for particular computer architecture.

Compiler is an Application Software

  • This software is basically used for 
  • The produced machine code can then be run numerous times, each time against a different set of data.
  • The text is written in a manner that the CPU can understand.
  • This type of system software exists.

Operating system:

  • System software is an operating system.
  • It serves as a link between the hardware, user, and computer.
  • It completes all necessary operations, including managing files, memory, processes, input and output, and peripheral devices like disc drives and printers.
  • Windows, Linux, VMS, and other operating systems are a few examples.

Application software

  • The user employs this software to carry out a certain task.
  • Additionally called, the end-user programme
  • Application software is created to help you with a certain task, such as enhancing your creativity, productivity, or communication.
  • It is an optional piece of software.
  • Application software executes when and as requested by the user.
  • Applications software includes things like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, VLC Media, and others.


  • enabling the creation and editing of text files
  • These come with software development and operating system bundles.
  • For instance, Textedit and Notepad

Hint Point:

  • Computer hardware is operated by the system software.
  • It serves as an interface for the computer’s hardware and application software.
  • In addition to managing system resources, system software also acts as a platform on which application software can execute.


Which of the following is NOT a system software? (A) Compiler (B) Operating System (C) Application Software (D) Editor

Compiler is application software and not system software. Software is a type of computer programme that is used to carry out a task is application software.

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