Which of the following is invalid line spacing in MS Word?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Multiple

(B) Single

(C) Triple

(D) Double

Triple is invalid line spacing in MS Word. We have the flexibility to change the distance between two lines of text thanks to the line spacing option in MS Word or any other word processing programme. A list item in the dialogue box displays elements that are double, single, and multiple and not triple.

Uses of MS Word

The various fields in which MS Word is utilized and makes a person’s work easier are listed below:

  • In the field of education, it is regarded as one of the easiest instruments that both teachers and students may use. Making notes in MS Word is simpler because you can include shapes and graphics to make them more dynamic. Making assignments in MS Word and submitting them online is very convenient.
  • In the Office: MS Word makes it simple to submit letters, pay bills, create reports, letterheads, and sample documents.
  • Creating and Updating a Resume: One of the greatest tools for creating resumes that you can easily alter to reflect your experience
  • For writers: It is the greatest tool for authors to use while making books because different options are provided for the bibliography, table of contents, etc. You can also alter it to fit the layout and alignment of your choosing.

 How To Use Spacing In MS Word?

We must first pick the text lines before navigating to the spacing option on the ribbon to set the line spacing. The icon of line spacing is located on the drop-down; click it to see the spacing dialogue box. For a Word document to be formatted effectively, line space is important.


Which of the following is invalid line spacing in MS Word? (A) Multiple (B) Single (C) Triple (D) Double

In MS Word, triple is an improper line spacing. Thanks to the line spacing feature present in MS Word or any other word tool, we have the flexibility to alter the space between two lines of text.

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