Which of the following acids is found in nettle sting? (a) Oxalic acid (b) Methanoic acid (c) Citric acid (d) Acetic acid

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Methanoic acid is found in nettle stings. Formic acid, histamine, and other compounds are present in nettle stings. Methanoic acid is another name for formic acid (HCOOH). Ants naturally contain it. Sulfuric acid reacts with sodium formate, which is created from sodium hydroxide and carbon monoxide, to produce it. The “hairs” on the leaves behave like needles when they touch the skin. They allow chemicals to pass through into the skin, which results in a rash and a stinging sensation.

Methanoic Acid

  • Numerous plants contain the chemical molecule oxalic acid. These consist of leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, chocolate, and veggies.
  • Lemons and limes are examples of citrus fruits that naturally contain citric acid. It’s what gives them their sour, acidic flavor.
  • Vinegar and other products like pickled vegetables contain acetic acid.
  • Methanoic acid is another name for formic acid (HCOOH)

Uses of Methanoic Acid

  • Because it cannot eliminate iron oxide deposits on its own, it is used with citric acid or HCl.
  • utilized in significant commercial compounds that belong to the saturated monocarboxylic acid family.
  • used to reduce sodium and potassium dichromate as a reducing agent.
  • Useful in the dyeing and tanning industries, but other competitive acids have generally been less expensive, limiting the usage of formic acid to a few situations where it has distinct advantages.


Which of the following acids is found in nettle sting? (a) Oxalic acid (b) Methanoic acid (c) Citric acid (d) Acetic acid

The sting of nettle contains methanoic acid. Nettle stings include a variety of chemicals, including formic acid, histamine, and others. Formic acid is also known as methanoic acid (HCOOH).

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