Which mirror is used in solar cooker? (a) Plane mirror (b) Convex mirror (c) Concave mirror (d) None of these

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

A concave mirror is used in the solar cooker. It is a device that warms or cooks food using solar energy. A concave mirror is one whose reflecting surface is located closer to the curve’s center. Another name for it is a converging mirror.

Mirror used in Solar Cooker

  • They are the only sorts of mirrors that can direct sunlight toward a single focal point, concave mirrors are the ones that are most suitable for use in solar cookers. As a result, choice three is right.
  • Since the incident rays diverge after reflection, the convex mirror is known as a diverging mirror. Therefore, if it is used in a solar cooker, it won’t work because it can’t focus light onto a single point. Option 2 is therefore erroneous.
  • Although they are good reflectors and aid in heat absorption, plane mirrors are not the ideal mirror. Option 1 is therefore untrue.
  • Concave mirrors can create both physical and digital pictures. The thing appears magnified and virtual when it is nearer the mirror. The image of the object becomes more realistic and smaller as it is moved further away from the mirror.


Which mirror is used in a solar cooker? (a) Plane mirror (b) Convex mirror (c) Concave mirror (d) None of these

Solar cookers employ concave mirrors. It is a device that uses solar energy to warm or prepare meals.


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